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EACC Chapter 3 Test

This is the legal responsibility that one person has to another Liability
This is the federal agency that creates and enforces safety-related standards and regulations in the workplace OSHA
Which Osha document summarazes occupational injuries and illnesses at an operation throughout the year? Poster 3165
Which safety standard requires that all employees notify their employees about chemical hazards present on the job and train employees to use these materials safely? Hazard Communication Standard (HAZCOM)
What document describes the hazards of chemicals in a restaurant or foodservice operation? MSDS
What does MSDS stand for? Material Safety Data Sheet
Which area on a general safety audit covers such items as fire extinguishers and alarms? Equipment
This can be used to put out a small grease fire without using a fire extinguisher Baking Soda
This in an unplanned, undesirable envent that can cause property damage, injuries or fatalities, time lost from work, or disruption of work accident
A class A fire extinguisher is used for what type of flammable material? Wood, paper, cloth, and cardboard
A fire involving a cord or outlet would be classified as what class of fire Class C (The "C" stands for current, like an electrical current)
You have a fire in a trash can and need to put it out. Which extinguisher is suitable for this fire? Class A (The "A" can stand for ash, as combustibles like paper, wood, and cardboard leave ash when they burn)
All aisles in serving and dining areas should be at least how many feet wide to meet the fire code requirements? 4 feet
A foam style extinguisher is meant to use on what types of fires. Class A and B
Only B/C extinguishers containing the dry chemicals sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate should be used on what type of fire? Deep Fat Fryer Fires or grease fires.
This is a detector that uses an infrared abd ultraviolet sensors that respond to the movement of flame, or to its radiant energy. What is this detector called? Flame detector
This detector uses a small electric current to detect combustion particles from smoke, heat, or flames. What is this detector called? Ionization detector
This degree of burn is painless because damage to the nerves means the burned area does not have feeling? Third-degree
OSHA requires restaurant and foodservice operations to report any accident resulting in death or the hospitalization of three or more employees to be reported within how many hours of occurrence? 8 Hours
These areas have the highest numbers of slips trips and falls. Where are they? Steps, floors, and pavement
How often should floors be cleaned? At least once a day
Blocking the area and putting up a sign warning customers are proceedures that you must do when this happens in a restaurant or foodservice operation. When liquid is spilled on the floor
The top two rungs are important when it comes to using these as standing on them could be very dangerous. Ladders
When lifting a load, you should bend from the knees and lift with the legs.
You should remember to keep your stomach muscles firm and tuck in your lower back when you are doing what? Carrying loads
When a glass breaks near food, what must be done with the foo that was near the glass breaking? Throw it out
Part of doing this involves placing your fist just above the victims navel (navel means belly button) The Heimlich maneuver
To allow quick escapes, doors should open from the inside without keys
This is the deliberate burning of property. Deliberate means you meant to do it. Arson
Straight ladders should reach at least how many feet above where the ladder will rest? 3
An event in which property damage or injury is narrowly avoided ia a near miss
If a chemical is called a carcinogen, what can it cause. cancer
The first step in CPR is to check for breathing
How often should hoods and ducts be cleaned by a professional contracter? Every 6 months
Conducting a general safety audit would be a good idea for a manger to determine what? the level of safety in his or her operation.