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explor med lang 1

teacher notes chaps 1 2 3

word root with combining vowel attached combining form
combining vowel usually an 'o'
word root core of the medical term
prefix beginning of word root
suffix end of word root
cyt/o cell
leuk/o white
my/o muscle
demat/o skin
itis inflammation
oid resembling
disease of muscle myopathy
resembling a cell cyt/oid
inflammation of the skin dermat/itis
cancerous tumor carcinoma
study of disease pathology
originating in the body somatogenic
beyond control metastasis
cause (of disease) eti/o
physician, medicine, treatment iatr/o
green chlor/o
nucleus kary/o
knowledge gno/o
color chrom/o
gland aden/o
fiber fibr/o
rod-shaped, striated rhabd/o
lei/o smooth
before pro-
through, complete dia-
difficult, labored, painful, abnormal dys-
state of -sis
abnormal condition -osis
condition of formation, development or growth -plasia
origin, cause -genesis
substance or agent that produces or causes -gen
growth, substance, or a formation -plasm
control, stop, standing -stasis
tumor composed of epithelium epithelioma
malignant black tumor melano carcinoma
something producing cancer carcinogenic
red blood cell erythrocyte
study of tissue histology
incomplete development hypoplasia
resembling fat lipoid
white blood cell leukocyte
new growth neoplasm
body system systemic
originating in the body somatogenic
resembling a nerve neuroid
pertaining to the internal organs visceral
tumor of connective tissue sarcoma
cell substance cytoplasm
likely outcome of disease/disorder prognosis
increase in number of RBC's erythrocytosis
blue skin color cyanosis
producing disease carcinogenic
abnormal condition of yellow discoloration xanthosis
like skin epithelioid
pertaining to nerves neural
like muscle myoid
pertaining to doctor, medicine, treatment iatric
suffix meaning toward -ad
combining form meaning front anter/o
right and left of the umbilical region lumbar region
right and left of the epigastic region hypochondriac regions
around the navel (umbilicus) umbilical region
vertical field passing thru the body from side dividing the body into anterior and posterior positions frontal coronal
right and left of the hypogastric region iliac regions
directly above the umbilical region epigastric region
vertical field running thru the body from front back, dividing the body into right and left sides sagittal
directly below the umbilical region hypogastric region
to the right and left of the umbilical region lumbar regions
Created by: rco1234