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ADD HARDWARE WIZARD provides step by step guidance for selecting the appropriate hardware driver and installing that driver
ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM guard your computer system against
BACKUP STATUS AND CONFIGURATION utility program included with the many versions makes a copy of all files or selected files that have been saved onto a disk
BACK UP PROGRAMS makes copies of files to be used in case if the originals are lost or damaged
BOOT CAMP feature of Leopard that allows appropriately equipped Apple computers to run both MAC OS and Windows XP.
BOOTING starting or restarting your computer
COLD BOOT starting the computer after it has been turned off
COMPUTER SUPPORT SPECIALIST specialists include technical writers,computer trainers,computer technicians, and help-desk specialists who provide technical support to customers and other users.
DASHBOARD WIDGETS a collection of specialized programs on the Mac OS X operating system that constantly updates and displays information such as stock prices and weather information
DESKTOP the screen that is displayed on the monitor when the computer starts up.All items and icons on the screen are considered to be on your desktop and are used to interact with the computer
DESKTOP OPERATING SYSTEM another word for stand alone operating system
allows communication between the operating system and the device
DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM recognize and correct problems
DIALOG BOX provide information or request input
DISK CLEANUP troubleshooting utility that identifies and eliminates nonessential files
DISK DEFRAGMENTER utility program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations
DRIVER a device connected to the computer
EMBEDDED OPERATING SYSTEMS an operating system that is completely stored within the ROM of the device that it is in; used for handheld computers and smaller devices like PDA's
FILE a collection of related records that can store data and programs
FILE COMPRESSION PROGRAM utility programs that reduce the size of files so they require less storage on the computer and can be sent more efficiently over the internet.
FOLDER a named area on a disk that is used to store related subfolders and files
FRAGMENTED storage technique that breaks up large files and stores the parts wherever space is available in adjacent sectors and clusters
GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE special screen that allows software commands to be issued through the use of graphic symbols or pull down menus
HELP a feature is most application software providing options that typically include and index, a glossary, and a search feature to locate reference information about specific commands
ICON graphic objects on the desktop used to represent programs and other files
LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR converts programming instructions into a machine language that can be processed by a computer
LEOPARD A version of Apple's Mac OS operating system.
LINUX Type of UNIX operating system initially developed by Linus Torvalds, it is one of the most popular and powerfula alternatives to the Windows operating system.
MAC OS Operating system designed for Macintosh computers
MAC OS X Macintosh operating system featuring a user interface called Aqua
MENU List of commands.
MULTITASKING Operating system that allows a single user to run several application programs at the same time
NETWORK OPERATING SYSTEMS Interactive software between applications and computers coordinating and directing activities between computers on a network. This operating system is located on one of the connected computers' hard disks, making that system the network server.
NETWORK SERVER This computer coordinates all communication between the other computers. Popular network operating systems include NetWare and Windows NT Server
OPERATING SYSTEM Software that interacts between application software and the computer, handling such details as running programs, storing and processing data, and coordinating all computer resources, including attached peripheral devices. It is the most important program
PLATFORM The operating system. Application programs are designed to run with a specific platform.
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