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CPT test 1

Quiz study questions

What is a list of the unlisted procedures for use in a specific section of the cpt manual is contained in? guidelines
What is the six elements that a special report must contain? Nature,extent,need
Who requires a special report with the use of unlisted codes? Third party payer
What puntuation mark means revised code? Triangle
What puntuation mark means enclose additional information parenthesis
Order from largest to smallest division of the CPT hierarchy in the CPT manual Section,subsection,subheading,category
A code that has all the words that describe the codes following it Stand alone codes
Procedures that are experimental newly approved or seldom used Unlisted/Catagory 3
The words that follows a code number in the CPT manual. Procedure/service/descriptors
where additions, deflectlections and revisions can be found. Apendix B
Where modify can be found Apendix A
How many parts is the CPT manual divided into? 6 parts
Modifiers -51 exempt circle with a line in it.
add on code plus sign
New code a bullet or a circle colored in
Indicates two Comma
Indicates a range of codes is available hyphen
What does CPT stand for? Current Procedural Terminology
Term that reflects the technologic advances made in medicine that are incorporated into the CPT manual revision
Where specific coding information about each section is located? Guidelines
Created by: VONGSAVANH1