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PT Medical Terms 2

Combining Words

Combing TermMeaningExample
Adeno gland adenopathy (glandular disease)
Angio pertaining to a vessel angiogram
Arterio artery arteriosclerosis
Arthro joint arthralgia (joint pain)
Cardi, Cardio heart cardiogram
Cephalo head cephalgia (headache)
Chole pertaining to bile cholecyst (gallbladder)
Chondro cartilage chondroplasty (growth of)
Clas, Claz smash, break osteoclasis (broken bone)
Cysto bladder, cyst cystoscopy
Cyt cell cytology
Dacryo tear chromodacryorrhea
Derma skin dermatophytosis (fungal infection of the skin)
Entero intestine enteric coated tablets
Esthes to feel anesthesia, esthetics
Gastro stomach epigastric
Gen The origin; the Gene, gluconeogenesis (beginning)
Gingivo gums gingival hyperplasia
Hem, Hema, Hemo, Hemato blood hematocrit
Hepato liver hepatic necrosis
Hystero uterus hysterectomy
Iatro, Iatr to treat, to cure geriatrics, iatrogenic disease
Laryngo larynx laryngospasm
Linguo tongue sublingual
Lith stone cholelithiasis
Lympho lymph lymphoma
Masto breast mastectomy
Metr, Metra, Metro uterus metritis (inflammation of)
Morph form, shape polymorphic (many shapes)
Myelo bone marrow; also spinal myelocytes cord
Myo muscle myoglobin
Naso nose nasal septum
Nephro kidney nephrosis
Neuro nerve neurogenic
Oculo eye ocular muscles
Oophoro ovary oophorectomy
Op, Opto see optic, diplopia
Ophthalmo eye ophthalmoscope
Orchio, Orchido testis cryptorchid
Os mouth Os cervix, iliostomy
Osteo bone periosteum
Oto ear otic drops
Ovario ovary Ovary
Palpebro eyelid palpebral reflex
Par, Partus labor multiparous (many births)
Pep digestion dyspepsia
Phag, Phago eat phagocytosis, dysphagia
Phlebo vein Phlebitis (inflammation of)
Pilo hair pilomotor fibers
Plas to form, or to grow plastic surgeon, neoplasm
Pne, Pneumo lungs; air; breath pneumothorax (puncture of thorax allowing air in and causing potential or actual deflation of the lung)
Poie make erythropoiesis
Procto rectum proctology (a medical speciality)
Ren kidney Renal
Spleno spleen splenectomy
Stoma mouth stomatitis
Thoraco thorax or chest thoracotomy (incision into)
Thrombo blood clot thrombosis
Thyro thyroid parathyroid glands
Tracheo trachea tracheitis
Tropho nourish dystrophy, hypertrophy
Uro urine, urinary urogenital tract
Utero uterus in utero (in the uterus)
Vaso vessel vasospasm
Veno vein venoconstriction
Ventriculo ventricle (of heart or brain) ventricular arrhythmia
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