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PT Medical Terms

Medical Term Pre-fixes

A-, An-, (before vowel) without, lack of apnea (without breath)
Ab- away from abnormal, abductor
Ad-, Af- to, toward adductor, afferent, adhesion
Ana- up, back again anabolic
Anti- against antisepsis
Apo- away from apochromatic (abnormal color)
Auto- to do with self autolysis, autopsy
Bi- relating to two bifurcation (separation into 2 branches)
Brachy- short brachycephalia (short head)
Brady- slow bradycardia, bradypnea (slow breathing)
Circum- around circumflex (winding about), circumcision (ouch)
Con- with congenital (born with)
Contra- against, opposite contraception, contralateral
Crypto- hidden, concealed cryptorchid (undescended testicle)
Cryo- cold cryotherapy
De- away from dehydrate
Dextro- right dextrocardia (pertaining to right side of heart
Di- twice, double diplopia (double vision)
Dia- through, apart, across diaphragm, diapedesis
Dys- Bad, difficult dyspnea (difficult breathing); Dysphagia (difficulty in eating)
E-, Ex-, Ef- out, away from eviscerate (remove viscera), efferent
Ec-, Ecto- out, outside eccentric, ectopic (out of place)
Em-, En- in encephalopathy (any brain disease)
Endo- within endometrium (inner lining of uterus), endoscope
Epi- upon epigastric
Eu- well, good, normal euphoria, euthyroid, eupea
Gravis- heavy gravida (pregnant woman)
Haplo- single, simple haplodermatitis (simple inflammation of the skin)
Hemi- half hemiplegia (paralysis on one side)
Hetero- other, different heterogenous
Homo- same homogenous
Hydro- wet, water hydronephrosis (urine collecting in renal pelvis)
Hyper- over, above, excessive hyperplasia (excessive formation)
Hypo- under, below, deficient Hypotension (low blood pressure)
Idio- distinctive, peculiar to idiopathic (disease of unknown cause), idiosyncrasy
Im-, In- in, into infiltration
Im-, In- not immature
Infra- below infraorbital (below eye socket)
Inter- between intercostal (between ribs)
Intra- within intraocular (within the eye)
Iso- same, equal isometric, isotonic
Leuko- white leukocyte
Levo- left levocardia (left side of heart)
Mal-, Malus- bad malignant, malformation
Mega- large, great megacolon (large colon), megaloblastic
Meso- middle mesoderm
Micro- small microglossia (small tongue)
Mono- one, single monochromatic
Multi- many, much multiparous (having given many births)
Necro- having to do with death necrosis, necropsy
Neo- new neoplasm (literally - new formation)
Oligo- few, little oligouria (formation of little urine)
Opistho- behind, backward opisthotic (behind the ears)
Ortho- straight, normal, orthopnea (able to breath only in correct, upright position)
Para- beside, by side paraplegia (paralysis of both sides), parathyroids
Per- through percutaneous
Peri- around periosteum (membrane around the bone)
Poikilo- varied poikiloderma (mottled skin), poikilothermic
Poly- many, much polymyalgia (pain in many
Post- after, behind postnatal (after birth)
Pre- before, in front of prenatal
Pro- before, in front of prognosis (foreknowledge)
Pseudo- FALSE pseudostratified
Re- back, again regurgitation
Retro- backward, located retroperitoneal (behind the peritoneum)
Sclero- hard sclerosis (hardening), arteriosclerosis
Semi- half semilunar (half moon, i.e., valves in aorta)
Sub- under sublingual
Super- above, upper supernatant
Supra- above, upper suprarenal
Steno- narrow stenosis (narrowing or constriction)
Sym-, Syn- together, with synapse, symphysis
Tachy- fast, swift tachycardia
Trans- across, through transection (cut across)
Tri- three tricuspid (heart valve)
Xero- dry xerodermia (dry skin)
Prefix Meaning Usage and/or Examples
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