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Grammar Rules

SAT/ACT English/Writing Grammar Rules

What tense is "has/have written"? Present perfect
What tense is "had written"? Past perfect
What is the difference between "I" and "me"? "I" for subject;"me" for object
What is the difference between "their" and "they're? "their" is possessive; "they're is "they are"
How do you know whether to use "who" or "whom"? Use "who" when you would use "he"; use "whom"when you would use "him"
What is the difference between "its" and "it's"? "its" is possessive: "it's" is "it is"
What are the seven words you can use after a comma to join two independent clauses? And, but,or, for, nor,so,yet
When do you need commas surrounding a phrase? If it is not essential to the sentence
When do you need commas surrounding a name? If we can figure out whom the sentence is talking about without the name
Do you need a comma before an -ing clause? Yes
"Returning to my hometown, Charlotte seemed much smaller to me." Misplaced modifier - Charlotte is not returning
"The paintings of Jackson Pollock are much less expensive than earlier artists." Faulty comparison - you can't compare paintings to people
"The metal's expensive and being hard to find made it uncommon." Lack of parallel structure - it should be "expense" and "scarcity"
What is an independent clause? It has a subject and a verb, and could be a complete sentence
What are the five ways to join independent clauses? 1) Comma with and,but,or,for,nor,so,yet 2) Semi-colon 3) Colon 4) Period 5) Dash
In what two situations can you use a colon? 1) In front of a list after words like "the following" 2) Before a restatement or example of the previous clause
When do you say "fewer" instead of "less"? Say "fewer" if there is more than one item
When do you say "stronger" instead of "strongest"? Say "stronger" if comparing two items
Is it "less than" or "less then"? "less than"
Is it "could of" or "could have"? "could have"
Name five transition words or phrases that mean "same", five that mean "opposite", and five that mean "cause". 1) also, in addition, moreover, furthermore, in the same way, in fact 2) however, nevertheless, although, whereas, despite, by contrast, still 3) as a consequence, therefore, since, because, thus, as a result
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