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CMA Simulation

Pre-Test General

The sufix -osis means: A. Blood condition, B. Destruction, C. Condition of, D. Drooping, E. Inflammation C
Blood returning from the body to the heart enters the___________.A. Left atrium, B. Right atrium, C. Left ventricle, D. Right ventricle, E. Aorta B
Represents physical changes with accompanying increase in size. A. Growth, B. Development, C. Personality, D. Id, E. Ego A
The communication process includes all of the following elements EXCEPT________. A. Source, B. Message, C. Channel, D. Receiver, E. Jargon E
"Let the master answer" describes the legal doctrine. A. res ipsa loquitur, B. respondeat superior, C. informed consent, D. res judicata, E. non suis juris B
Confidentiality is ethically supported by the concept of______? A. beneficence, B. nonmalfeasance, C. fidelity, D. all of the above, E. None of the above. D
Which of the following combining forms means "eyelid"? A. cost/o, B. or/o, C. ocul/o, D. blephar/o, E. nas/o D
The twelfth cranial nerve is the _______? A. acoustic, B. trigeminal, C. olfactory, D. hypoglossal, E. facial D
A behavioral aspect that is characterized by an increase in the complexity of function and skill. A. Growth, B. Development, C. Personality, D. Id, E. Ego B
In Abraham Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, the need to be respected describes __________? A. physiological need, B. safety need, C. social need, D. self-esteem need, E. Self-actualization need. D
Created by: kbcanarr