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Dooley Med Term Ch1

Word Parts

-rrhexis rupture; tear
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
-sclerosis abnormal hardening
-stenosis abnormal narrowing
-algia pain/suffering
-dynia pain
-itis inflammation
-malacia abnormal softening
-megaly abnormal emlargement
-necrosis tissue death
-ectomy surgical removal
-gram record or picture
-graphy process of recording a picture or record
-plasty surgical repair
-scopy visual examination
-rrhage bursting forth as in abnormal excessive fluid discharge, typically bleeding
-rrhaphy to suture or stitch
-rrhea abnormal flow or discharge of body fluids
pre- time before
peri- time surrounding
post- time following
-ology the study of
-ologist specialist
rhino- nose
hyper- abnormally elevated
hypo- abnormally lowered
cyan/o- blue
melan/o- black
cirrh/o- golden yellow
poli/o- gray
rube/o- red
rose/o- light red or pink
leuk/o- white
cardi/o- heart
tonsill/o- tonsil
-osis abnormal condition
gastr/o- stomach
dys- bad; difficult
eu- normal
inter- between
intra- within
sub- beneath,below
supra- above
-otomy surgical incision
laceration jagged cut
lesion abnormal change in tissue
sign disease indicator that can be observed by others
symptom disease indicator that is known only to the patient
syndrome set of signs & symptoms that occur together as part of a specific disease process
prognosis a prediction of diseases probable course or outcome
diagnosis identification of the disease
objective a sign that can be seen or measured by others
subjective a symptom that can be evaluated or measured only by the patient
acute disease or that has rapid onset, severe symptoms, short course
chronic disease that is of long duration, may be controlled by meds but are rarely cured
eponym disease, structure, procedure, operation named for the person who discovered it
acronym a word formed from the first letter/letters of the major parts of a coumpond term
arteri/o- artery
ather/o- plaque
arthr/o joint
ileum part of the small intestine
ilium part of the hip
mucous membranes that line the digestive tract & secrete mucus
mucus discharge from mucous membranes
infection invasion of body or tissue by a pathgenic organism
inflammaiton tissue response to injury, or destruction; characterized by redness, heat, swelling, pain
-ostomy surgically created artificial opening
palpation to examine with the hands
palpitation pounding or racing heart
suppuration formation or discharge of pus
suppination rotaing the arm so the palm of the hand is facing up
py/o- pus
suturing the act of closing a wound or incision by stitching
ligation the act of binding or tying off a blood vessel or duct
triage screening patients to determine their priority of need and the proper place of treatment
trauma injury
viral pertaining to a virus
virile having masculine traits