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the or test review

sanitation,sterilization & disinfection test review

what is not a factor for a disinfected size of object
what type of spore is used to test the EO/dry heat sterilizer bacillus subtilis
what type of spore is used to test steam under pressure/autoclaving bacillus stearothermophilus
when are gloves/gowns removed when leaving the OR before
which are cleaned weekly cabinet shelves
agent that kills all micoorganisms except spore-bearing ones disinfectant
method of sterilization w/cobalt 60 ionizing radiation
to change the vital functions,forces & activities of an organ denaturation
agent that kill bacteria bacteriocidal
agent that inhibts the growth of micoorganisms on animate surfaces antiseptic
all affect sterilization process except type of sterilizing agent
uses agitated water w/detergent to loosen soil, then steam displaces the water and items are sterilized at 132 c or 270 f washer-sterilizer
is a smaller version sterililzer, can reach higher temps w/reduced exposure time high speed (flash) gravity sterilizer
unwrapped metal instruments are sterilized at 132 c (270 f), 3 minutes minimum, at 27 PSI
unwrapped metal instruments combined w/porus materials are sterilized at 132 c (270 f), 10 minutes minimum, at 27 PSI
wrapped instruments,packs,bulk loads are sterilized at 121 c (250 f), 30 minutes minimum, at 15 PDS
a steam sterilizer is how hot 250 f
EO sterilization is not dependent on gravity
what type of sterilization is perferred for air powered instruments EO
what is not used as an antiseptic glutaraldehyde
how long does activated glutaraldehyde require in total immersion for disinfection 10 minutes
instruments must be rinsed how many times w/sterile distilled water at least 2 times
what is not a method of the sterilization process physical
which is a method of the sterilization process chemical
used primarily for oils,petroleum & bulk powders hot air/dry heat
when preparing items for sterilization how should the lock boxes be positioned opened
when preparing items for sterilization all detachable parts s/be disassembled
what is not a recommended characterisitic for packaging material have a good memory
most common method of wrapping articles for sterilization envelope/peel pack
items s/be sequentially wrapped w/which 2 double thickness
which film of 1-3mm thickness is the only plastic acceptable for steam sterilization polypropylene
which is not acceptable for gas sterilization nylon
wrapped items s/remain untouched for how long 30-60 min
pack size s/be no larger than 12x12x20
pack size s/be not heavier than 12 lbs
the outside of a steam sterilizer s/be cleaned daily
the bowie dick type test is used on which type of sterilizer pre-vacuum
item is gas sterilized, it is porus and must be aerated to avoid toxic residue
what is not used in the OR to clean glutaraldehyde
anesthesia equipment is changed when after each pt
how often s/steam sterlizers be cleaned weekly
what role does humidity play in the EO hydrate spores
what is not a form of sterilization boiling water
EO kills microorganism by denaturation & chemical interference
all are manual method except instruments are placed into the washer-sterilizer
when s/the OR table be wiped down after each pt
Created by: clmcnees