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medical asst

chapter 2 & 4 test

intradermal- 15-20 degrees angle id injections are given for tb and allergy testing
subcutaneous- 45 degrees antibiotics and insulin
intramuscular-deltoid-90 degrees b-12
z track 90 degrees vastus lateralis - immunizations
seven rights to adminstering medications right patient right time right dose right drug right route right technique right documentations
most common area for venipunture antecubital space
tourniquets are tied how for asbove elbow 2 to 3 inches
the practice of drawing blood phlebotomy
when blood is allowed to clot and then centifuged the liquid portion becomes serum
blood consists of two halves CELLS AND LIQUID
4 steps in the venipuncture collection are proper method prepare patient collect specimen care of site
most common antiseptin is %%%%% used to prevent ****** alcohol and infection
the higher the # the smaller the needle
do not massage when administering a ztrack to prevent infection
blood culture yellow tube
plain tubes - nonadditive red
serum seperator red&gray or gold
plasma seperator green and gray rubber light green plastic
heparin tubes green
coagulation tubes light blue
EDTA lavender purple
oxalate-fluoride gray
capillary puncture middle finger-heel
Created by: lovinchris4eva
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