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Nclex 1

Location of the organs, Critical Thinking Paths

Therapeutic Communication 1 Eliminate "Don't Worry"
Therapeutic Communication 2 Eliminate "Explore" Answers
Therapeutic Communication 3 Eliminate Authoritarian Answers
Therapeutic Communication 4 Eliminate
Positioning 1 Are you trying to prevent or promote?
Positioning 2 What are you trying to prevent and promote?
Positioning 3 Think A & P
Question? 1 Read the stem
Question? 2 Read the ANSWER choices for clues to topic
Question? 3 Reword the question using clues from answer choices
Answers? 1 Read the stem & Identify the Topic
Answers? 2 Read the answer choices
Answers? 3 Identify the nursing concepts contained in answer choices
Maslow 1 Recognize that answers are both physical & psychosocial
Maslow 2 Eliminate psychosocial answers
Maslow 3 Does this makes sense?
Maslow 4 Make sure it isn't ABC situation
Collect Data & Implement 1 Recongnize both data collection & implement answers
Collect Date & Implement 2 Read stem to decide whether to collect data or implement
Collect Date & Implement 3 Select best datacollection or implement
Safety 1 All answers must be implementations
Safety 2 Try to answer based on knowledge If you can't then.. go to 3
Safety 3 What will cause the least amount of harm?
What are the male/f normal levels for hematocrit? m 42-50% F 40-48%
What are the normal levels for specific gravity? 1.01-1.03
When client is dehyrated/Hematocrit and specific gravity go up/down? Up
Normal range for PTT/Therapeutic range 20-45 sec/1.5 to 2 times
Potassium normal range 3.5-5.0
Is the LVN responsible to initial assessment? No. RN responsibility
Created by: ChristinaDale