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A & P combining

abdomen abdomin/o
extremity acr/o
gland aden/o
air aer/o
white albin/o
dimness ambly/o
male andr/o
vessel angi/o
unequal, dissimilar anis/o
front anter/o
artery arteri/o
joint arthr/o
lack of strength, weaknss asthen/o
plaque; fatty substance ather/o
hearing audi/o
ear aur/o, aur/i
life bi/o
eyelid blephar/o
arm brachi/o
cancerous, Ca carcin/o
heart cardi/o
wrist carp/l
tail caud/o
head cephal/o
brain cerebr/o
neck cervic/o
lip cheil/o
drug; chemical chem/o
hand chir/o
green chlor/o
bile; gall chol/e
bile duct cholangi/o
gallbladder cholecyst/o
cartilage chondr/o
color chrom/o
to cut cis/o
colon col/o, colon/o
vagina colp/o
heart coron/o
rib cost/o
skull crani/o
skin cutane/o
blue cyan/o
cyst, bladder, sac cyst/o
cell cyt/o
tear dacry/o
finger; toes dactyl/o
tooth, teeth dent/i, odont/o
skin derm/o, dermat/o
double dipl/o
thrist dips/o
back dors/o
electricity electr/o
brain encephal/o
small intestine enter/o
red, rosy eosin/o
red erythr/o
female estr/o
stomach gastr/o
producng; produced by gen/o
gray glauc/o
tongue gloss/o
glucose;sugar gluc/o
sugar glyc/o
female gynec/o
blood hem/o, hemat/o
liver hepat/o
sweat hidr/o
tissue hist/o
water hydr/o
uterus hystr/o
relationship to a physician or medicine iatr/o
scaly, dry ichthy/o
groin inguin/o
equal is/o
nucleus kary/o
movement kinesi/o
tear lacrim/o
white leuk/o
fat lip/o
stone; calculus lith/o
lower back lumb/o
lymph lymph/o
breast mamm/o, mast/o
middle medi/o
black melan/o
membrane mening/o
mses, enstruation men/o
mind ment/o
uterus metr/o
one mon/o
muscle my/o
fungus myc/o
bone marrow, spinal cord myel/o
kidney nephr/o
nerve neur/o
eye ocul/o
scanty olig/o
tumor onc/o
nail onych/o
eye ophthalm/o
testes orchid/o
straight, upright orth/o
ear ot/o
bone oste/o
thick, heavy pachy/o
child, foot ped/o
eat phag/o
vein phleb/o
diaphram, mind phrenic nerve phren/o
foot pod/o
liver port/o
back (of body); behind poster/o
rectum proct/o
variable, irregular poiki/o
towrard, nearer to proxim/o
old, old age presby/o
false pseud/o
mind psych/o
pus pyr/o
spine rachi/o
x-rays radi/o
rectum rect/o
kidney ren/o
nose rhin/o
tube salping/o
flesh sarc/o
hard scler/o
wall sept/o
body somat/o
breath spir/o
vertebrae spondyl/o
chest steth/o
chest thorac/o
place, position, location top/o
hair trich/o
nail ungu/o
urine ur/o
vessel vas/o
vein ven/o
belly side of body ventr/o
bladder vesic/o
internal organs viscer/o
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