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Full_Word Roots

Foreign Word Roots, Prefixes and suffixes Part 1 for A&P

A- without
ab- from
acr- extremity
algia- pain
allo other
andro male.....like androgen
angio vessel
ante before
anti against
apo from
atel imperfect
auto self
blast precursor
carcin cancer
centesis puncture
cervic neck
chole bile....cholecystitis
chondro cartilage
-clast broken
cost rib...costal
cribr sieve
cyan blue
de- from away....deactivation
dia through....diameter
dis apart....away from...disability
dys painful
ectasis expansion
ecto- outside......ectoderm
ectomy excision.....appendectomy
ef- away from....efferent
end- and endo- inside
entero intestine
epi- on...epimysium
erythro red
ex- out, away from
-form shape
-gen to produce
genio- chin
glosso tongue
glyco- sugar
gyne or gyno woman
hepato liver
hetero other
histo tissue
holo entire
homeo or homo same....homeostasis
hydro water
hyo- U-shaped
hyper- above....hyperpolorization
hyster- uterus
Created by: ande2007