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Lab 1

THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA O: Inferior bilaterally to medial aspects iliac crest I: Mid to spinous process from sacrum to T6
LATISSIMUS DORSII O: Thorocolumbar fascia and medial aspects iliac crest I: Neck of the humerus N: THORACODROSAL NERVE F: Pulls shoulder into adduction, slightly extension, adducts humerus
EXTERNAL ABDOMINAL OBLIQUE O: Lower ribs I: Iliac crest, lateral to O of latissimus dorsii
TRIANGLE OF AUSCULTATION a. Lateral margin of trapezius b. Superior margin of latissimus dorsii c. Medial edge of scapula d. F: Provides good auscultation area
TRAPEZIUS MUSCLE Midline from spinous process T12 to external occipital protuberance I: Spine of the scapula, acromion of scapula, and clavicle N: SPINAL ACCESSORY NERVE Superior: occipital bone/cervical spine (function: elevation of scapula) Middle: horizontally upp
NUCHAL LIGAMENT -Runs from external occipital protuberance and T2/T3 spinous process -Connects each cervical vertebra
LUMBAR TRIANGLE -Medially by latissimus dorsi -Laterally by external abdominal oblique muscle -Inferiorly by iliac crest
GREATER OCCIPITAL NERVE O: Originates posterior ramus of C2 F: Cutaneous innervation
SPINAL ACCESSORY NERVE (CRANIAL NERVE XI) O: Skull I: Trapezius muscle underneath the sternocleidomastoid muscle F: innervates trazpezius
LEVATOR SCAPULAE O: Transverse process C1-C4 I: Superiomedia, border of the scapula N: Dorsal scapular nerve- C5 branch of ventral rami F: upward rotation (lifting axe) elevates scapula
RHOMBOID MAJOR O: Spinous process T2-T5 I: Scapular spine to inferior angle of scapula N: Dorsal scapular nerve F: Downward rotation of scapula (using axe assists in retraction of scapula
RHOMBOID MINOR O: Nuchal ligament spinous process C7-T1 I: Scapular spine? N: Dorsal scapular nerve F: Downward rotation of scapula (using axe) assists in retraction of scapula
Dorsal scapular artery/nerve (C5) -In connective tissue just deep to levator scapulae and rhomboids immediately medial to attach to scapula's medial border
Serratus posterior superior muscle O: Arises through an aponeurosis from nuchal ligament of spinous process of C7 - T2 I: Costal angles of ribs 2-5 N: Ventral rami of spinal nerves (intercostal nerve) T1 - T4 F: Elevates ribs
Serratus Posterior Inferior Muscle O: Spinous process of T11 - L2 I: Attaches last 3 or 4 ribs at costal angle N: Intercostal nerves: T8-T11 F: Depresses ribs
Created by: bmyneni