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MBLEx Review

What is the process by which specialized cells ingest harmful microorganisms and cellular debris, break them down and expel the harmless remains back into the body? Phagocytosis
Which of the following pertains to the back of a structure? Posterior
Which membrane lines openings to the outside of the body? Mucous
That which is located above or toward the head end is called? Superior
Which of the following is one of the mechanisms that the skin uses in regulating body temperature? Sweating
What is the viscous fluid found in synovial joints, sheaths and bursae? Synovial Fluid
Which of the following is a term used to describe blood cell formation? Hemopoeisis
Freely moveable joints are classified as Diarthrotic
Cone shaped range of motion that occurs when the distal end moves in a circle and proximal end is fixed Circumduction
What is a skeletal muscle's contractile unit? Sarcomere
What is the proper order of spinal cord meninges from in to out Pia mater, arachnoid, dura mater
Which photoreceptors will produce color vision? Cones
Which of the following is the main muscle of respiration? Respiratory diaphragm
This is a disorder that is characterized by general fatigue Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The autonomic nervous system is divided into which of the following Sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions
On his intake form, a client reports a disorder that you have never heard of. What is your course of action? Refer to a reliable reference source and/or physician for more information about the condition and aquire a physician's note if necessary.
What is the function of the Lymphatic system? To provide immunity against disease
What is a function of the Integumentary system? Protection, waste elimination, and vitamin D synthesis
Knee flexion is performed by The Hamstrings: biceps femoris, semimembranosus, semitendinosus
Which of the following is true concerning movement of the shoulder girdle The sternoclavicular joint is the only bony attachment of the shoulder girdle to the axial skeleton; paralysis of the deltoids can impede movements of the shoulder girdle
A patient with rotator cuff syndrome may experience Shoulder pain and weakness, frozen shoulder, problems washing the back of their hair.
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