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An examination of the cervix that uses binocular microscope is called a? colposcopy
The medical term for removal of the uterus is? hysterectomy
The prolapse of the bladder causing a bulge in the anterior vaginal wall is called a? cystocele
The medical term for painful menstruation? dysmenorrhea
A herniation of the Douglas'cul-de-sac containing a loop of bowel is called a? enterocele
Which of the following surgical instruments would be in a D&C instrument set? hegar clamps
The medical term for the removal of a uterine fibroid is? myomectomy
A Rubin's test is performed to confirm? patency of fallopian tubes
A HUMI cannula would be used for which of the following procedures? tuboplasty
A colposcopy may be performed for suspected? carcinoma in situ
Another name for the uterine dressing forceps found in a D&C tray is? bozeman
The sharp uterine curettes located in a D&C are called? sims
A diagnostic procedure for suspected ectopic pregnancy is? culdocentesis
A D&C may be performed for? menorrhagia
How many sponge, sharp, and instrument counts does a cesarean section require? three
What is the name of the procedure in which a collar suture is placed at the level of the internal cervical os to prevent spontaneous abortion? shirodkar procedure
A pneumoperitoneum is established during a laparoscopy through the use of the? verres needle
Which of the following surgical instruments is a type of bladder retractor used during a cesarean section? de lee
Which of the following would first scrub surgical technologist need to include in the set up for an incomplete abortion? suction curettage
What incision is most commonly used for a C-section? pfannenstiel
What type of solution is used to stain the cervix while performing a Schiller's test? lugol's
The position used when performing an abdominal gynecologic laparoscopy is? lithotomy
A radical procedure involving removal of the reproductive organs, bladder and rectum is called? perlvic exenteration
Which of the following surgical instruments is a weighted vaginal speculum? auvard
An indwelling foley catheter is inserted into a patient prior to the start of a hysterectomy to? avoid injury to the bladder
If a tumor of an ovary is supected to be malignan, what other organs will be excised? both fallopian tubes, both ovaries and uterus
A postoperative complication in gynecologic surgery resulting from the patient being placed in the lithotomy position is? DIC
The pneumoperitoneum is established during a laparoscopic procedure to prevent? perforation of intestine
Which of the following is the medical term for the abnormal implantation of the placenta in the uterus so that it covers the cervical internal os? placentia previa
What pathology is a serious obstetrical emergency that is a type of coagulopathy resulting from overstimulation of the clotting and anticlotting processes? disseminated intravascular coagulation
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