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A nasogastric tube used for insertion in the small intestine is? miller-abbott
Which is not a type of ureteral catheter tip? pezzer
Malecot, Mushroom and Sump are types of? surgical drains
Am embolus would be removed by a? fogarty catheter
A tightly rolled cotton tape used by surgeons for blunt dissection? kittner
Two chest tubes are inserted after an open cardiovascular procedure the upper tube is used to evacuate? air
What drain system is preffered for a radical neck dissection? hemovac
The type of catheter used for infusion of chemotherapeutic agents into abdomen? tenckhopp
Which dressing is ideal for neck procedures? stent dressings
What layer of the three layer dressing absorbs the secretions of the wound? intermediate
What can be utilized in abdominal surgical wounds that will require frequent dressing changes and prevent damage to skin? montgomery straps
What type of drain is used or biliary system? t-tube
Which is a type of passive drain? penrose drain
What tube can be inserted and left in place for continual gastric aspiration? sump tube
A suture that provides strength and non reactivity in tissues where stainless steel cannot be used? polypropylene
What type of needle is used on tissue of the gastrointestinal tract? taper
A characteristic of plain gut is that it absorbs in? 70 days
the space caused by separation of wound edges is called? dead space
If tissue is approximated too tight it can cause? ischemia
A protein substance that is the chief constituent of connective tissue is? collagen
Which is the least reactive of al synthetic suture materials? polypropylene
Ligatures are used to? occlude lumens of blood vessels
A cutting needle would not be used on? nerve tissue
Another name for polyglactin 910 is? vicryl
What type of suture is surgilon? nylon
Bolsters are used with retention sutures to? prevent sutures from cutting into skin
Which suture is absorbable and offers extended wound support? polydioxanone
The most widely used nonabsorbable suture is? nylon
Which suture is a polyester fiber suture? ethibond
A suture used in tendon repair? polydioxanone
A microfibrillar collagen that is either supplied in a compacted nonwoven web form or in loose fibrous form is? avitene
The EEA surgical stapler is used for? anastomosis of proximal colon to rectum
A specially treated form of surgical gauze that is a hemostatic agent is? surgicel
Absorbable suture that is preffered in suturing which tissue? periosteum
Which suture is treated with a salt solution to decrease the rate of absorption? chromic
Tissue trauma is best minimized using a? swaged on suture
A characteristic of polyglycolic acid suture? absorbable
A stick tie is a? swaged needle
A type of suture that has a high tensile strength and support a wound indefinately is? stainless steel
Type of needle point used on peritoneum and intestine is? taper
They type of needle used on tendon? cutting
The measure of weight required to break a suture is its? tensile strength
Which suture would not be used in the presence of infection? silk
A stapling device used to perorm low anterior anastomosis? EEA
The mess that is not preffered in the presence of infection? mersilene
The least inert of all the synthetic mesh is? polyester fiber mesh
A curved tapered surgical needle is used mostly on? bowel tissue or subcutaneous tissue
The substance that weakly hold wound edges together during the first five days of first intention healing is? fibroblasts
The healing process in which a wound is purposely left open and allowed to heal from bottom up is called? secondary intention
Which is not part of the inflammatory process? vasocontriction
The rupture of a wound with spilling of contents is known as? evisceration
Reduced flow to an area is known as? ischemia
Most absorbable sutures are packaged in an alcohol water solution to maintain their? pliability
Which factor would not decrease the healing capabilities of a patient? early ambulation
The healing stage of first intention healing occurs from the? 5-14 day
Second intention healing involves? wound granulation
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