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CST Exam review 1

CST Exam review 1 of 2

what is the area in the duodenum where the common bile duct and the pancreatic duct empty called? Ampulla of Vater
the process by which glucose is stored in the liver and skeletal muscle cells as glycogen is called ___? glycogenesis
When body cells require energy, what molecule is broken down? ATP molecule
The fluid within the membranous labyrinth is called ___? endolymph
intraocular pressure is primarily dependent on ___? aqueous humor
the ciliary body is part of which layer of the eye? vascular
a capillary network of blood vessels within the renal cortex that functions as a filter is called the ___? glomerulus
the most abundant extracellular ion necessary for the transmission of impulses is ___? sodium
the pacemaker of the heart is the ___? SA node
which arteries are formed by the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta? iliac
the process by which blood cells are formed is known as ___? hemopoiesis
the pancreas lies behind the stomach and duodenum in the R and LUQ and is divided into ___ portions 3
which organ is responsible for the synthesis of many of the coagulation factors? liver
do the pulmonary veins empty into the right atrium? no
the medial malleolus is part of which bone? tibia
the sutures of the skull are examples of what? synarthrosis
what kind of joint is the thumb and trapezium? saddle joint
smooth, sustained contractions produced by several very rapid stimuli are called ___? tetanus
a large, bony process found on the femur is ___? trochanter
the cranial bones are an example of what kind of bone? flat
the acromium is part of which bone? scapula
the olecranon is part of which bone? ulna
is the styloid a carpal? no
what type of bones are the vertebra? irregular
what bones form the greater portion of the sides and roof of the cranial cavity? parietal
where are the cruciate ligaments found in the knee? lateral and medial
the mandible articulates with the ___? temporal bone
the funnel-shaped open distal end of each fallopian tube is called ___? infundibulum
the cranial nerve that contains special fibers for hearing as well as for balance is ___? VIII vestibulocochlear
which cranial nerve emerges from the medulla, passes thru the skull, and descends thru the neck region into the thorax and abdominal region? X vagus
the cranial nerve that carries motor fibers to the tounge and sensory impulses from the tongue to the brain is the ___? VII hypoglossal
which crainial nerve carries impulses for sense of smell? I olfactory
neurons that conduct impulses to the cardiac muscles are part of the ___? autonomic nervous system
the contraction of involuntary muscles are controlled by ___? autonomic nervous system
the neuroglia are cells that ___? support and protect
the cytoplasmic process of a neuron that conducts impulses away from the cell body is ___? axon
the 5th cranial nerve is also called the ___? trigiminal nerve
the inner lining of the gastrointestinal tract is composed of ___? epithelium
Which glands are located in the stomach? parietal cells
the small intestine is drained by the ___? hepatic portal vein
the pouches in the small intestine are called ___? haustra
what are the pouches in the large intestine called? haustra
the secretion of gastric juice is regulated by the impulses of what nerve? vagus(X)cranial nerve
what does the left coronary artery divide into? anterior descending and circumflex
where are the papillary muscles found? in the ventricles of the heart
what vessel delivers blood from the gastrointestinal tract to the liver? hepatic portal vein
which ligament stabilizes the duodenojejunal angle? Treitz
which cranial nerve can be tested for sensations of pain, touch, and temperature with the use of a safety pin and hot and cold objects? trigeminal V
the atrioventricular (AV) valve between the left atruim and the left ventricle is the ___? bicuspid (mitral) valve
into which chamber of the heart do the pulmonary veins empty? left atrium
the simplist form of cell organization is the ___? bacteria
is Streptococcus gram-positive or gram-negative? gram-positive
what bacteria is freqently found in soil, water, sewage, debris, and air? pseudomonas aeruginosa
the division of a reproductive cell into two cells with 23 chromosomes each is called ___? meiosis
An acid-fast test is used to identify ___? tuberculosis
what is the most common brain disorder? cerebrovascular accidents
memory impairments result from lesions in the ___? limbic system
what condition affectes the medulla of the adrenal gland and causes the overproduction of adrenaline? pheochromocytoma
what enzyme is used before cataract surgery to soften the zonules of the lens? alpha-chymotrypsin
balanced anesthesia is sometimes referred to as ___? neuroleptanesthesia
Merperidine hydrochloride (Demerol) is a/an ___? analgesic
an emergency drug useful in stablizing ventricular fibrillation is ___? propranolol hydrochloride (Inderal)
the operative stage of anesthesia is the ___? third stage
Tetracaine (Pontocaine) is an example of what kind of anesthetic? topical
A short-acting narcotic opioid given intramuscularly for premedication is ___? merperidine hydrochloride (Demerol)
what agent is commonly given preoperatively to inhibit the production of gastric acid? climetidine
an anticoagulant given for its antagonistic effect on heparin is ___? protamine sulfate
the test that determines the ratio of RBCs to whole blood is the ___? hematocrit
in a cardiac arrest, atropine might be administered to treat ___? severe bradycardia
Mannitol is used in neurosurgery to ___? reduce swelling of brain tissue
a mitotic drug used to constrict the pupil to reduce intraocular pressure is ___? pilocarpine hydrochloride
a local anesthetic agent employed for filtration anesthesia during ophthalmic surgery is ___? lidocaine
a benzodiazepine sedative given intramuscularly for premedication is ___? midazolam (Versed)
what drug is a dye used to evaluate the corneal epithelium? fluorescein
dilating drops are called ___? mydriatics
is synchondrosis containing hyaline cartilage a characteristic of a synovial joint? no
vaccination is an example of ___? artificial active immunity
what kind of transport mechanism is phagocytosis? active transport
when performing the preop shave, nicks and cuts are considered a clean wound for up to ___ minutes? 30
under what circumstances can the pt's hospital ID bracelet be removed? never
how many times is the pt ID confirmed before transporting form the ward room to the surgery dept? 5
if a descrepancy occurs in the ID of a pt on the hospital ward, what action should be taken? do not transport to OR and inform OR personnel
what position is most commonly used for tonsillectomy performed under local anesthesia? Fowler's
in the lateral chest position, a sandbag or padding is placed under the chest at aillary level to do what? to prevent pressure on the lower arm
ulnar nerve damage could reusl from ___? use of an unpadded armboard
stirrups that are not padded or are improperly placed on the Or table can cause pressure on the ___? peroneal nerve
In the Kraske position, are the arms tucked at the pt's sides? no
the femoral nerve can be damaged if ___? retractors are placed improperly during pelvic surgery
the surgical poition commonly used for thyroid and gallbladder surgery is ___? reverse trendelenburg
in the prone position, which nerve could be compressed against the humerus? radial
a small pad placed under a pt's head in the supine position allows which muscles to relax? strap
what size Foley catheter is commonly used for adults? 16 Fr
what aqent is commonly used when performing a pt skin prep of the eye? Triclosan
What should be prepped last when performing pt skin prep? stoma
when draping a prep table, the first scrub surgical tech should drape from ___? front to back
in what type of set would Bennett, Hohmann, and Richardson retractors be found in? major orthopedic
in what type of set would a Ragnell retractor be found in ? hand tray
in what type of procedures is a Joseph elevator used? Rhinologic
an Allen clamp is used in what type of surgery? gastrointestinal
the Hurd tonsil dissector and Pillar retractor is a double ended instrument used in what procedures? tonsillectomy
what type of uterine dilator is shaped like an elongated "S"? Hank uterine dilator
what tissue forceps has a row of small teeth at the end of each tip and is ideal for grasping sub-q, tendon, or muscle? Brown tissue forceps
what instrument is inserted into the anus and has a groove thru which the surgeon can view the rectal canal and insert instruments? Hill-Ferguson retractor
what osteotome is frequently used to cut bone, such as to obtain bone for a graft? Lambotte
is it the Frazier suction tip or the Baron suction tip that has an oval portion for the thumb to be placed on? Baron suction tip
what instrument can be inserted into the cystic duct to remove gallstones during and open chole? Mayo gallstone scoop
what laser is used to coagulate bleeders during an endoscopic procedure? Nd:YAG
how often should a tourniquet applied to an adult leg be periodically deflated? every 1.5 hours
what laser is used to treat retinopathy? Argon
at what pressure should the tourniquet be set for an adult thigh? 300-350 mm Hg
the most common nosocomial infections are ___? UTI with catheter use
a pt who underwent a bronchoscopy is diagnosed with a Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, which is traced to this type of infection: cross-contamination
what is the proper procedure for turning the gown? hand tag to circulator; circulator moves around gown
if a sterile glove becomes contaminated during a procedure, what action should the scrub take? circulator pulls off glove; scrub is regloved by another sterile team member.
what is the proper procedure to follow when a sponge pack contains an incorrect number of sponges? hand off the field and isolate
what type of drape would be used for a kidney procedure? transverse drape
the recommended number of air exchanges per hour in an OR is ___? 20
the relative humidity in an OR should be maintained at ___? 50%-60%
a ventilation system that provides a rapid air exchange in a unidirectional flow is called ___? laminar air flow
what does the prostate gland secrete? alkaline fluid
what is the most abundant ion in the body? calcium
where does the anterior chamber of the eye lie? behind the cornea and in front of the iris
where is aqueous humor found? in the anterior chamber of the eye
where do the ureters enter the bladder? medially from the posterior aspect
the conducting fibers that run from the AV node down the interventricular septum are referred to as what? Bundle of His
testosterone is secreted by what? Cells of Leydig
inhibin is produced by what? Sertoli's cells
the relationship in which organisms occupy the same habitat but do not affect each other is known as ___? neutralism
a steroid used topically to diminish inflammation after eye surgery is ___? methylprednisolone acetate (Depo-Medrol)
musclear fasciculation refers to ___? involuntary muscle contractions
a nonproprietary name for a drug, usually selected by the original developer of the drug, is ___? generic
the IV barbituate general anesthesia used for induction most frequently is ___? thiopental sodium (Pentothal
intubation occurs during which phase of anesthesia? induction
an emergency drug used in cardiac surgery that increases myocardial contractility is ___? calcium chloride
a drug used to reverse hypotension is ___? levarterenol (Levophed)
a barbituate that may be used for sleep the night before surgery is ___? secobarbital (Seconal)
the purpose of administering atropine preoperatively is to ___? inhibit secretions
one gram equals ___? 15 grains
what amount is approximately equal to 500 ml? 1 pint
an anticoagulant given for its antagonistic effect on heparin is ___? protamine sulfate
an anticholinergic drug given preoperatively to inhibit mucous secretion is ___? atropine
the universal recipient blood type is ___? AB
what agent is a radiopaque contrast medium used during operative cholangiograms? Hypaque
a cylcoplegic drug used to dilate the pupil is ___? tropicamide (Mydriacyl)
an enzyme that is mixed with ophthalmic anesthetic solutions for infiltration anesthesia is ___? hyaluronidase (Wydase)
is Versed an antimuscarinic? no
what drug is used for irrigating the eye and keeping the cornea moist? balanced salt solution (BSS)
Created by: bellajerrent429
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