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Section 8 Word Group

alleviate to relieve; to make easier to endure
appease to make peace with; to satisfy; to soothe
solace comfort in a time of sorrow
remedial providing a remedy; improving
mollify to soothe; to make peaceful; to appease
conciliate to placate; to reconcile; to make compatible
placate to calm down; to pacify
ameliorate to improve; to make or become better
mitigate to alleviate; to lessen; to ease
allay to reduce in severity; to alleviate
balm an ointment for soothing pain; anything that soothes
assuage to soothe; to ease; to lessen
panacea a remedy for all ills; a cure-all
apprehensive slightly fearful
distraught very upset
anguished very upset
frenzied frantic
fret to worry
skittish easily frightened
rabid frantic; mad; raging
frenetic frantic; frenzied
restive nervous; impatient
dither to act nervously
trepidation fear
lurk to hang around in a secretive manner
covert not openly known or shown; secret
stealthy secretive
clandestine secretive
furtive secretive
veiled not openly known or shown; secret
surreptitious secretive
cabal a secretive group of conspirators
ramble to walk or talk aimlessly; to wander
meander to wander aimlessly
vagrant one who wanders from place to place; having no fixed course
itinerant wandering; traveling
digress to stray from the topic
discursive digressing; rambling
desultory random; disorganized; not connected with the main subject
veto to reject
revoke to cancel
nullify to make something void; to render it invalid
rescind to take back; to nullifyl to cancel; to revoke; to void
annul to cancel; to make legally void
abrogate revoke; repeal
disperse to scatter; to distribute
disband to dissolve; to scatter
disseminate to spread
diffuse not concentrated; to spread out; scattered
dissociate to disconnect; to disunite
venturesome disposed to taking risks; danger; bold
audacious bold; daring; adventuresome
maverick bold and untraditional
intrepid bold
temerity audacity; boldness; rashness
prosperous wealthy
affluent wealthy
opulent wealthy
grandiose magnificent
neutral unbiased; not taking sides
impartial unbiased; neutral
objective unbiased
apathy lack of interest or emotion
aloof detached in a snobby way
dispassionate unemotional; unbiased
callous unfeeling; insensitive
stolid not showing emotions
stoic unemotional; indifferent to pleasure or pain
impassive unemotional
precocious prematurely developed
incipient in the first stages of existence; beginning
germinal being in the earliest stage of development
inchoate in early stages of development
nascent just starting to form or grow
Created by: Ms.Sherrie
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