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Chapter 19 Urinary

Urinary System

The outermost portion of the kidney is known as the? Cortex
The saclike structure that surrounds the glomerulus is the Bowman capsule
the renal copuscle is made up of the bowman capsule and the glomerulus
which of the following functions is not performed by the kidneys produce ADH
__________% of the glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed 99%
The glomerular filtration rate is _________ml 125.0
Glucose reabsorption begins in the Proximal covoluted tubule
reabsorption does not occur in the Calyx
The greater the amount of salt intake the more salt is excreted in the urine
which one of the following substances is secrested by diffusion ammonia
which of the following statements about ADH is not correct It makes the collecting ducts less permeable to water
Which of the following statements about aldosterone is not correct it is secreted by the adrenal cortexit is a water retaining hormoneit is a salt retaining hormone
Medulla Inner portion of the kidney
cortex outer part of the kidney
pyramids triangular shaped divisions of the medulla of the kidney
papilla innermost end of a pyramid
pelvis an expansion of the upper end of a ureter
calyx division of the renal pelvix
nephrons functioning unit of the urinary system
creatinine normal characteristic of urine
albumin abnormal characteristic of urine
bowman capsule cup shaped top of a nephron
glomerulus together with the bowman capsule forms the renal corpuscle
henle loop extension of the proximal tubule
Lies between the urinary meatus and bladder urethra
Rugae bladder
lowest part of the urinary tract urethra
lining membrane richly supplied with sensory nreve endings ureters
lies behind the pubic symphysis bladder
serves a dual function in the male urethra
1.5 inch long in the female urethra
drain the renal pelvis ureters
surrounded by the prostate in the male urethra
consists of elastic fibers and involuntary muscle fibers bladder
10 to 12 inches long ureters
trigone bladder
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