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Section 4 Word Group

contempt scornful disdain; the act of despising
animosity hatred
antagonism opposition; hostility; resistance
disdain a feeling of contempt; to treat as unworthy of notice
vindictive vengeful; vicious; spiteful
antipathy feeling of ill-will
abhor to hate intensely; to despise
malevolent having vicious ill-will and hatred
loathe to hate
enmity a feeling or condition of hatred; animosity
inimical hostile and unfriendly
rancor hatred; ill-will
misanthrope one who hates mankind
fluctuate to change frequently; to vary
fickle unpredictable
waver to sway; to hesitate; to vacillate
volatile unstable; easily stirred to anger
erratic irregular
whimsical impulsive; unpredictable
capricious impulsive; unpredictable
vacillate to fluctuate; to waver
mercurial temperamental; emotionally unstable
vicissitude change of fortune; alternating changes; fluctuation
morsel a small amount
infinitesimal extremely small
scant skimpy; small in amount
paltry small in amount
mote a small particle or speck; a small amount
iota a small amount
scintilla a small amount
snippet a small piece; a fragment
paucity lack; scarcity
dearth lack; a small amount
augment to increase; to add to; to make greater; to enlarge
flourish to prosper; to thrive
enhance to increase; it intensify; to make greater; to heighten
aggrandize to make larger; greater; to increase
burgeon to develop rapidly; to flourish; to grow vigorously
proliferation reproduction; multiplication
agile able to move with ease, speed and coordination
adept skillful
adroit skillful; clever
spry limber
lithe graceful and limber
supple pliant and limber
saturate to spread through; to wet thoroughly
pervade to spread through every part of; to penetrate
permeate to penetrate and spread through
imbue to spread through
curtail to cut back; to lessen; to shorten
taper to decrease gradually in width; to come to a point
truncate to cut short; to cut off
abate to decrease; to diminish
arable fertile (as in land)
prolific very productive
fecund productive, fertile
pragmatic practical
expedient practical; quick; efficient
utilitarian practically functional
fleeting short lived
transient short-lived; not around for a long time
ephemeral fleeting; short lived
evanescent vanishing; fleeting; short-lived
temporal not lasting forever
transitory not lasting or enduring; brief; short-lived
nostalgia a longing for things/experiences belonging to the past
wistful full of unfilled longing or desire; yearning
maudlin overly emotional or sentimental
mawkish overly emotional or sentimental
simpering overly emotional or sentimental
Created by: Ms.Sherrie


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