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SAT Lesson 05

SAT Vocab

descry to discover
desecrate damage holy place
desiccate to dry up
desist to stop
desolate lonely
despicable hateful
despise to score
despoil to rob
despondent depressed
despot dictator
destitute poor
desuetude extinction
desultory wandering subject to subject
deter to discourage
detonate explode
detoxify remove poison
detract to take away
detriment harm
devastate overwhelm
deviate to turn aside
devious sly
devoid completely without
devotee enthusiastic follower
devout religious
dexterity skill
diabolical cruel
dialectic logical discussion
diaphanous transparent
diatribe bitter criticism
dichotomy division into two parts
diction style of speaking
dictum positive statement
didactic teaching
diffident shy
diffuse to spread
digress to wander off
dilapidated broken down
dilate to expand
dilatory slow
dilemma troubling situation
dilettante dabble fine arts not expert
diligent hard-working
diminutive small
dint power
dire dreadful
disarray disorder
disavow to deny
disburse to pay out
discern to recognize
disciple a follower
disclaimer denial
disclose to reveal
discomfiture frustration
disconcert to upset embarrass
disconsolate without hope
discordant disagreeing
discount reduction
discountenance to disapprove of
discourse conversation
discredit disgrace
discreet cautious
discrepancy inconsistency
discrete separate
discretion good judgment
discrimination prejudice
discursive rambling
disdain to scorn
disgruntled unhappy
dishearten to depress
disheveled untidy
disinter to uncover
disinterested not prejudiced
dismal depressing
dismantle to take apart
dismember cut or pull off limbs
disparage to put down
disparity difference
dispassionate calm
dispel to drive away
disperse to scatter
disputatious fond of arguing
disreputable bad reputation
dissection cutting apart
dissemble to pretend
disseminate to scatter. to spread
dissertation a written essay
dissension disagreement
dissident disagreeing
dissimulate to hide feelings
dissipate to waste
dissociate to break ties with
dissolute immoral
dissonant out of harmony
dissuade to advise
distend to swell
distort to twist
distraught troubled
diurnal daily
divergent varying
divers several
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