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Clinicals Sect 1 Abb

Abbreviations for Clinicals Round 1

of each aa (line over both a)
abortion Ab
abdomen abd
amount amt
approximately approx
appointment appt
aspirin ASA
because b/c
birth control BC
twice a day bid
bowel movement BM
blood pressure BP
blood sugar BS
breast self examination BSE
with c (line over c)
capsules caps
capsule cap
chief complaint CC
chemotherapy chemo
complains of c/o
discontinue d/c
discharge disch
date of birth DOB
dry, sterile dressing DSD
each ed
emergency department ED
flexible sigmoidoscopy flex sig
frequent freq
follow-up F/U
fracture Fx
headache H/A
water H2O
at bedtime hs
height ht
intradermal ID
intramuscular IM
intravenous IV
lower back pain LBP
last menstrual period LMP
medication, medications med meds
minute min
moderate mod
no complaints N/C
negative neg
no known allergies NKA
no known drug allergies NKDA
normal menstrual period NMP
nausea & vomiting N&V
obstetrics OB
occasionally occ
occupational therapy OT
over the counter OTC
office visit OV
Pap test Pap
pathology path
after meals pc
pediatrics peds
penicillin PEN
by or through per
by mouth po PO
positive pos
as needed prn
physical therapy PT
patient pt
every day qd
every hour qh
every 2 hours q2h
four times a day qid
every night qn
quantity not sufficient QNS
regular reg
prescription Rx
without s (line on top)
subcutaneous SC SQ
side effects S/E
slight sl
small sm
shortness of breath SOB
specimen spec
immediately STAT
tablet tablets tab tabs
three times a day tid
temperature, pulse, respiration TPR
trace tr
vagina, vaginal vag
vital signs VS
week wk
Created by: swampchicken2006
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