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infectious disa t

infectious disease test review

which is not a factor influencing the occurrence of an infection kind of organism
destruction of bacteria thru good cleaning process sanitization
relative power of pathogen to cause disease virulence
lowbar pneumonia is an example of an acute infection because of rapid severe course terminating abruptly
best described as diseased condition denoting presence of pathogenic bacteria/pus sepsis
an infection described as 1 that is inactive/hidden latent
microorganism causing polio/dysentery are found where feces
animal(insect) that transmits pathogens from infected to non-infected vector
what includes microorganism causing typhoid fever urine
disease capable of being transmitted more/less rapidly to others communicable
what contains microorganism that contain HIV/HEPB blood
list 4 portal of ENTRY for humans tears,feces,semen,vaginal secretions
controlling transmission of infection such as vectors by proper handling of food,water & milk
list 4 portals of EXIT for humans genitourinary tract,eyes,skin,placenta
rabies are transmitted thru what in an infected animal saliva
which is NOT a fomite mosquito
infection caused by more than 1 organism is mixed
short period (day or less) when symptoms are vague and discomfort is mild prodormal
period between entry of organism and onset of symptoms incubation
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