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Medical Terminology

Inside our Body- Terms

episio, episi Vulva
gnath, gnatho Jaw , Cheek
Myelo, Myel Spinal Cord, Bone Marrow
Nephr, Nephra Kidney
onych Finger Nails or Toe Nails
Phaco Lens of the Eye
Phlebo Vein
hyster, hystero Uterus
Kolp, Kolpo, colp, colpo Vagina
kysth, Kystho vagina
Metr, Metra, Metro Uterus
Pyelo Pelvis
Pyg, Pygo Buttocks
rachi, rachio Spine
sarco Flesh
scapho Shoulder
somat, somato Body
sphymo Pulse
spondyl Verterbrae
steato Fat
stetho Chest
stomato Mouth
trachelo Neck
trich, trichi, trochi Hair
adbomin,abdomino abdomen
acanth, acantho thorn, spine
aden, adeno Gland
adip, adipo fat
angi, angio blood, lymph vessels
arteri, arterio artery
arthr, arthro joint
blephar, blepharo eyelid
brachio arm
calcan, calcaneo calcaneum
cardi, cardio heart
carpo, carpus wrist
cephal, cephalo head
cerebell, cerebello cerebellum
cervic, cervico neck
cheil, cheilo lips
chil, chilo lips
chir, chiro hand
cholecyst, cholecysto gall bladder
chondr, chondro cartilage
clavicul, claviculo clavicle
cleid, cledo clavicle
crani, cranio skull
cyst, cysto,-cyst cyst, urinary bladder
cyt, cyto,- cyte cell
dactyl, dactylo finger, toe
derm, derma, dermo skin
-emia blood
enter, entero Intestine
gaster, gastero, gastro stomach
gloss, glosso tongue
hepat, hapato liver
histo tissue
lab, labi lips
omo shoulder
oro mouth
os mouth, bone
ot, oto ear
phall penis
pimel, pimelo fat
thorac, thoraci, thoraco chest, chest wall
-uria urine
vesico bladder
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