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Index, registers, registries week 2

Admission data collected by facilities on a daily basis and commonly include daily census count, daily inpatient census, average daily census
Admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) system used to input patient registration information which results in the creation of an automated MPI database that allows for the storage and retrieval of the information
Admission register usually maintained by the ad¬missions office, and it is organized by admission date; contents include patient's name, patient number, ad¬mitting physician, admission date, admission diagno¬sis, and room number
Aggregate data based on performance and uti¬lization and resource management
Arithmetic mean an average
Automated case abstracting systems allow health care facilities to calculate PPS reimbursement, create and maintain patient abstracts within the software system, generate case abstract statistics, generate reports and statistics for case mix, generate special reports according to user
Automated MPI a database of identification data about patients who have received health care services from a facility
Average daily census average number of inpa¬tients treated during a given time period
Average length of stay figure calculated by dividing the total LOS by the number of patients discharged
Bar graph displays data along an X-axis and Y-axis
Batched case grouping based on predetermined specifications; usually a grouping
Case abstracting an automated or manual process performed by health information department staff to collect patient information to de¬termine prospective payment system status, generate indexes and to report data to quality improvement organizations and state and federal
Case mix analysis the study of types of patients treated by a facility
Case report forms are submitted by health care facilities (e.g., health information department) and providers to report data to sponsoring agencies, facilities, and organizations
Comparative data used for health services out¬comes measurement and research
Computer interface the exchange of data among multiple software products
CQI continuous quality improvement
DDS (UHDDS) Discharge Data Set or Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
DEEDS Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems
Daily census count number of inpatients present at census
Daily inpatient census official count of inpa¬tients present at midnight and is calculated each day
Data accessibility ease with which data can be obtained
Data accuracy data is error free and correct
Data analysis process of translating data into information utilized for an application
Data application purpose for which the data are collected
Data collection processes by which data elements are accumulated
Data comprehensiveness presence of all required data elements in the patient record
Data consistency reliability of data regardless of the process in which data are stored, displayed or processed
Data currency (or timeliness) collection of up to date, and the same no matter where the data is recorded
Data definition defined meanings and values of all elements so all present and future users understand the data
Data dictionary a collection of data element definitions
Data granularity definition of each attribute and value of data at the correct level of detail
Data integrity is accurate, complete, consistent, up to date and the same no matter where the data is recorded
Data mining a technique that uses software to search for patterns and trends to produce data relationships
Data precision accurate data collection by defining expected data values
Data relevancy compilation of data that is valuable for the performance of a process or activity
Data reliability consistent throughout all systems in which it is stored, processed, and/or retrieved
Data set a standard method for collecting and reporting individ¬ual data elements must be established (so data can be easily compared)
Data timeliness same as data currency
Data validity data conforms to an expected range of values
Data warehousing processes and systems used to archive data and data journals
Death register maintained by the health information department, and is organized according to date of death; contents include patient's name, patient number, attending physician, admission date, date of death, and service (e.g., medical, surgical, obstetrics, etc)
Descriptive statistics summarize a set of data using charts, graphs, and tables
Discharge data statistics calculations made by health care facilities to measure health status and outcomes, health care utilization and access to health care
Discharge register maintained by the health information department, and it is organized according to discharge date; con¬tents include the patient's name, patient number, at¬tending physician, admission date, discharge date, disposition, and type of service
Disease index a researchable list of diseases
EMDS Essential Medical Data Set
HEDIS Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set
Index "serves to guide, point out, or otherwise facilitate ref¬erence, especially an alphabetized list of names, places, and subjects treated in a printed work, giving the page or pages on which each item is mentioned."
Length of stay (LOS) data represents the number of calendar days that a patient was an inpatient
Line diagram displays data over a pe¬riod of time (same as run chart)
Magnetic stripe card is similar to a plastic credit card that contains an electromagnetic surface capable of holding a small amount of information
Manual case abstracting systems pulling information from patient records without use of the computer
Manual master patient index (MPI) requires the typing or hand posting of patient identification information on preprinted index cards, and limited information can be retrieved
Master patient index (MPI) links a patient's medical record number with common identification data elements (e.g., patient's complete name, date of birth, gender, mother's maiden name, and social security number). The master patient index (MPI) is used administra¬tively, for conti
Master person index (MPI) same as Master patient index
MDS Minimum Data Set
MIB Medical Information Bureau
NCDB National Cancer Data Base
National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) the federal agency responsible for maintaining official statistics. State vital statistics are forwarded to this agency for publishing
NPDB National Practitioner Data Bank
OASIS Outcome and Assessment Information Set
Online analytical processing (OLAP) servers servers store data in multiple dimensions and facilitate trend analysis and forecasting, allowing health care organi-zations to make informed, proactive decisions
Patient centric data used for health services outcomes measurement and research
Pie chart displays component parts of data as it relates to the whole
Procedure index a list of procedures
Register "a formal or official recording of items, names, or actions." …is a collection of informa¬tion, such as a hospital's admission/discharge regis¬ter
Registry a structured system for collecting and maintaining information about a de-fined population so that analyses and reviews can be performed
Relational database collection of statistics pertaining to a specific region
Run chart displays data over a pe¬riod of time (same as line diagram)
Total length of stay is calculated for a given time period
Transformed based data used for clinical and management decisions, support, and planning
UACDS Uniform Ambulatory Care Data Set
UCDS Uniform Clinical Data Set
Vital statistics compiled for events which include deaths, fetal deaths, marriages and divorces; registration of vital events is a state function
HMDS Hospital Morbidity Data System
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