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CH 3, 4, & 7

Medical Abbreviations

SF Straight Forward
SH Social History
SOAP Subjective, Objective, Assessment, & Plan
WNL Within Normal Limits
COB Coordination of Benefits
COBRA Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconcilliation Act
EOB Explanation of Benefits
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
FSA Flexible Spending Act
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
nonpar nonparticipating Provider/Physician
par participating Provider/Physician
POS Point of Service
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
RA Remittance Advice
SOF Signature on file
WC Workers Compensation
C Comprehensive
CC Cheif Complaint OR Complication and Comorbidity
CCU Coronary Care Unit
CPT Current Procedural Terminology
D Detailed
ED Emergency Department
ER Emergency Room
EHR Electronic Health Record
EPF Expanded Problem Focused
FH Family History
HC High Complexity
HPI History of Present Illness
ICU Intensive Care Unit
imp Impression
LC Low Complexity
MC Moderate Complexity
MDM Medical Decision Making
PCP Primary Care Physician
PE Physicial Examination
PX Physicial Examination
PF Problem Focused
PH Past History
PHI Protected Health Information
PI Present Illness
ROS Review of Systems
DME Durable Medical Equipment
EIN Employer Identification Number
NPI National Provider Identifier
OCR Optical Character Recognition
SSN Social Security Number
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