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Thorax Uddin

Anatomy Thorax 1/1

the floor or thoracic outlet is made of what? diaphragm
the superior opening of the thorax is called? thoracic inlet
the thoracic inlet boundaries are what? manubrium, 1st thoracic vertebra, and 1st ribs
the thoracic cavity contains the primary organs of what 2 systems? respiratory and cardiovascular
what 2 muscles are not included in the thoracic wall? pec major and minor
what are the functions of the thoracic dome? protection, resist negative pressure, provide attachment for and support the weight of the upper limb
how many pairs of ribs and vertebrae make up the thoracic wall? 12 of each
pectus excavatum is characterized by what? concave depression of the anterior chest wall
what can cause pectus excavatum? pressure on the chest during development, abnormal diaphragm position, abnormal connective tissue production
what is the presentation of pectus carinatum? protrusion of the sternum and costal cartilages
what can cause pectus carinatum? abnormal cartilage or sternal growth, connective tissue disorders
what are associated diseases of pectus carinatum? scoliosis and congenital heart disease
multiple double rib fractures can result in what? flail chest: unstable chest wall
thoracic outlet syndrome will most effect what 2 nerves? median and ulnar
thoracic outlet syndrome may put pressure on what 2 vascular structures? subclavian artery and vien
ribs can be classified in what 3 catagories? true, false, and floating
what are the true ribs? 1-7
what are the false ribs? 8, 9, 10
what are the floating ribs? 11 and 12
which ribs are atypical? 1,2, 10-12
what is the least likely rib to be fractured? 1st
displacement of costal cartilage from the sternum is called ? dislocation of the rib
displacement of the rib from costal cartilage is called? separation of ribs
surgical creation of an opening through the thoracic wall is called? thoracotomy
resection of the ribs or their replacement with an inward convexity device intended to decrease thoracic volume is called ? thoracoplasty
what is a complication with thoracoplasty? restriction in ventilation
what are the 3 parts of the sternum? manubrium, sternum, and xiphiod process
the joint between the manubrium and sternum is commonly called what ? angle of louis
the angle of louis indicates what rib level? 2
the angle of louis is located at which vertebrae level? T4
the xiphiod process is located at which vertebrae level? T10
the xiphiod process indicates the superior limit of what organ? and inferior border of what organ? liver; heart
a fracture of the sternum is what type? comminuted-broken into many pieces
what is performed to gain access to the thoracic cavity for coronary artery grafting or to remove a superior lung tumor? median sternotomy
disease that effects the mobility of the chest wall; chronic inflammatory disease effecting joints of the axial skeleton ankylosing spondylitis
the vertical dimension increase due to what? contraction of the diaphragm
the AP and X-diminsions increase due to what? rise of anterior and lateral part of the ribs
what causes the ribs to move during normal respiration? external intercostal muscles
each half of the diaphragm is innervated by what nerve? phrenic- one for each side
during normal respiration the hemi-diaphragms move which way? inferiorly and flattens
if there is damage to the phrenic nerve which way will the diaphragm move when breathing in? superiorly
where does lymph above the clavicle drain into? the inferior jugular lymph nodes
where does parietal lymph below the clavicle drain into? the axillary lymph nodes
the jugular notch is located at what vertebrae level? T2
the manubrium is located at what vertebrae level? T3 & T4
what is used for locating the proper hand position for CPR? infrasternal angle
what direction do the external intercostal muscles run? inferomedialy
what muscles elevate the ribs during normal inspiration? external intercostal muscles
what accessory muscles are used during forced inspiration? sternoclatomastoid and scalene muscles
the internal intercostal muscles run in what direction? inferoposteriorly
what do the nerves and veins in the thoracic wall run between? internal and innermost intercostal muscles
if making an incision into the pleural cavity what would you find deep to the innermost intercostal muscles? endothoracic fascia
what lies deep to the endothoracic fascia and lines the inside of the thoracic cavity? parietal pleura
what order do the artery vein and nerve lie in? VAN: vein, artery, nerve
where should injections in the thoracic cavity be given? in the middle to avoid the nerves
posterior intercostal arteries supply which intercostal spaces? 3-11
the subcostal artery supplies what area of the thoracic cavity area below the 12th rib
the superior intercostal artery supplies which intercostal spaces 1 and 2
what branches off the aorta supply the thoracic wall? posterior intercostals and subcostal artery
the anterior intercostal veins drain into what? internal thoracic veins
the posterior intercostal veins drain into what? azygos veins
the right azygos vein drains into what? superior vena cava
the left hemiazygos and left accessory hemiazygos vein drain into what? right azygos vein
the anterior rami of T1-T11 form what nerves? intercostal nerves
where are the typical intercostal nerves? 3rd to 6th intercostal nerves
near the angle of the rib the nerves move from within the endothoraic fascia into ? between the internal and innermost intercostal muscles
where do the collateral branches in the thoracic wall originate? the sharpest angel of the rib
where are the atypical intercostal nerves? 1st, 2nd, 7th-11th
what branches does the 1st intercostal nerve lack? anterior and lateral branches
what intercostal nerve gives rise to the intercostalbrachial nerve? 2nd
the 7th through 11th intercostal nerves are atypical why? they supply the abdomen as well as the thorax
what is a herpes zoster infection of the spinal ganglia also called? shingles
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