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scientific rev RSVW

scientific revolution

what scientist belived that the sun was the center of the universe and believed earth was no Different than any other planet? Nicholas Copernicus
what philosopher discovered that there is a mathematical formula to describe the movement of the planets, and discovered elliptical orbits? Johannes Kepler
Dicovered and established the law of inertia Galileo Galilei
--- was a rationalist philosopher that believed the universe shall be Governed by natural laws, and estalished natural philosophy Isaac Newton
This philosopher is considered the father of the scientific revolution used rational basis on practical and useful knowledge in his expiriments. Francis Bacon
this philosopher is considered the father of modern day geometry, used mathematical formula to discover space between stars and planets. Rene DesCartes
how did the scientific revolution change how we seen our world? people had a mechanical veiw of the universe the planet is a circle after the revolutionand not a flat surface.
during the scientific revoltuion which scientific communtity forme in 1662? Royal Society of London
how did the church react to the new discoveries in the scientific Community the church clung to old medeval beliefs and rejected the beliefs of the scientists
what is diesm? the belief that a supreme being created the Universe.
Created by: rvanwinkle