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scientific Rev tz

COPERNICUS 1473-1543Contribute to science: he aim to glorify god. He said that sun is no the centered if the universe. challenge the planets orbit.
JOHNANAS KELPLER 1571 1630Contribute to science: he study of Brahe, also planetary motion mathematical formula. He challenged elliptical orbits. Also Said that planets do not move at uniform speeds.
GALILIOE 1564-1642Contribute to science: he found the law of inertia, and by using the telescope he found many of his discoveries. He challenges Catigories of “matter and form
FRANCIS BACON 1561-1626Contribute to science: he found the inductive of method, also had a new attitude of toward nature. Then he had emphasis of knowledge
Rene Descartes Significance of Doubt.stayed in his room till he died, from extream doubting
Scientific Rev s sertain part in history when people had a mind of a two year old to haveing a mind of a proffeser techer in college
Printing Press this could allow the scientist to speak or tell every body what there were doing and allowing them to tell every body what they found out.
Consequences of the Scientific Revolution if your a scitenst and you go up to a church or a holy place and tell them what you think about the world and what it dose then you questioning the bible and what it saids
Created by: stl gets nasty