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Test 41

Doulin Hematology Test 41

Match 1Match 2
Hct, Hgb, RBC count, WBC count, WBC differential count, and Erythrocyte indices --- CBC ( complete blood count )
Red blood cells, one of the formed elements of blood Erythrocytes
A counting chamber for blood cells Hemacytometer
WBC w/ red-stain --elevated in allergies Eosinphils
% of RBC's within a specimen of anti-coagulated whole blood Hematocrit ( Hct )
A Molecule of the RBC , that transports oxygen Hemoglobin (Hgb)
granulocytic WBC with dark-purple cytoplasmic granules Basophil
Platelets, Thrombocytes
Wbc with a dense non-segmented nucleus and lacks gransules in the cytoplasm (blank)
white blood cells, on e of the formed elements of blood Leukocytes
A smaller than normal cell Microcytic
white blood cells, without cytoplasmic granules that has a large convoluted non-segamented nucleus (blank)
a larger than normal cell Macrocytic
Having less color than normal Hypochromic
A hormone triggered by the kidneys that helps produce RBC's e rythro poietin
the 6 general parameters the doctor will study to help make a diagnosi when a CBC has been orderd? Hct, Hgb, Wbc count, Rbc count, Wbc dif count, e rythrocyte indices
when a doc observes bloodwork, notices the hemocrit is normal ' yet , hgb is low ? which disease is the indicative of this ? (blank)
Hgb blood test - adult parameters Female - 12-16 g/dl................ Male - 13-18 g/dl
WBC count - adult parameters Female & Male - 7000 avg..... reference range 4500-11,000..
Rbc count - adult parameters Female - 4.0 - 5.5 x 10 6/mm3 Male - 4.5 - 6.0 x 10 6/mm3
Hct blood test - adult parameters Female - 36-46 %................... Male - 40-55 %
MCV mean corpuscular volume - adult parameters (blank)
MCH mean corpuscular Hgb - adult parameters (blank)
MCHC mean corpusular hgb concentration - adult parameters (blank)
includes MCV, MCH, MCHC Erythrocyte indices
Mean Corpuscular "( cell )" Volume MCV
Mean Corpusular Hgb MCH
Mean Corpuscular Hgb Concentration MCHC
Erythrocyte INDICES (MCV) - normal values - 80-100 fL
Erythrocytes INDICES (MCH ) normal values - 27-33 pg
erythrocyte INDICES ( MCHC ) - normal values - 32-36 g/dL
low Hgb = defects in balance and count of red blood cells low Hgb = defects in balance and count of red blood cells
Low Hct = is referred to being anemic Low Hct = is referred to being anemic
HCT (higher than normal ) high altitude living, smokers, (Lung disease, Tumors, Bone marrow disorders & and abuse of a drug called Epogen [erythorpoetin hormone] by athletes).
HCT (false readings) due to dehydration --once fluids are obtained --rtns to normal values
HCT [ low ] common reasons - Trauma, BU = Bleeding Ulcers, Surgery, deficient in B12, Iron and folate..... other reasons include BMC [cancer/bone marrow ],chemo-kidneys failure, abnormal RBC cells from sickle cell anemia.
INfection and Leukemias are associated with High Wbc (white blood cell) counts
( values ) Wintrobe method ESR Men 0-9 mm/hr
( values ) Wintrobe method ESR Females 0-20 mm/hr
( values ) Westergren method ESR Men over 50 ( 0-20 mm/hr)
( values ) Westergren method ESR Men under 50 (0-15 mm/hr )
( values ) Westergren method ESR Females over 50 ( 0-30 mm/hr )
( values ) Westergren method ESR Females under 50 ( 0-20 mm/hr )
Westergren Method ESR blood sample mixed w/ 3.8 % sodium citrate solution before tube is filled.
Wintrobe Method ESR An EDTA , venous blood sample is mixed thoroughly, then transferred to the Wintrobe tube.
Using Erythrocytes Indices to diagnose MCH & MCV will be increase in megaloblastic anemias ( such as : B12, folate deficiency anemias, they will also be increased in acute blood loss anemias, chronic hemolytic anemias, hypothyroidism, and liver disease.
3 wbc shown on a stained slide Myelo~cytic, Lympho~cytic, Mono~ cytic
MCV 80-100 fl mean corpuscular volume
MCH 27-33 pg mean corpuscular hemoglobin
MCHC 32-36 g/dl mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
white blood cells --on a stained blood smear can be divided into three groups : myelocytic or granulocytic series,----lymphocytics ----monocytics
myelocytic also known as granulocytic, or polymorphonuclear
RBC x3 = Hb; Hb x3 = Hct commonly known as the rule of 3 ) rule of 3
the rule of 3 RBC x 3 = HB. Hb x 3 Hct.
hemoglobin molecule 4 sub units. Each sub unit contains HEME, GLOBIN, IRON
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