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Lymphatic System

Chapter 6

immune system reacts incorrectly to normal antigens and creates antibodies against the bodys own tissues Auto Immune Diseases
overreation by the body to a particular antigen Allergy
Produced by T cells fights viruses by slowing o stopping their multiplication Interferon
mature in the thymusKills infected cells on contact T Cells (T lymphocytes
Aforeign substance that stimulate the production of antibodies Antigen
located under the sternum, larger as a child, decrease in size with age.accucial role in development of immune system before birth Thymus
Filters microorganisms and foreign material from the blood. Forms lymphocytes and monocytes (WBC) stores extra RBC. maintains balance of RBC in the bloodstream Spleen
Located in spongybonemanufactures in RBC, hemoglobin, WBC and thromocytes Red bone marrow
Fat storage located in Medallary Cavity (Middle of Bone) Yellow Bone Marrow
Located in the nasopharynx Nasopharyngeal Tonsils (Adenoids Tonsil)
Located at the base of the tongue Lingual Tonsils
brakes down warn out RBCseparates the globin and the heme Hemolysis(hemolytic)
located in the throatvisible through the mouth Palatine Tonsils(Pharyngeal Tonsils)
Blood test that is used to screen for the presense of HIV antibodies ELISA
autoimmune disorder that affect the integumentary system (skin) Lupus Erythmatosus
a simple parasitic organism Fungus
type of fungus Yeast
is a plant or animal that lives on, or within, another living organism at the expense of that organism Parasite
fungal infection that develops between the toes and on the feet Tinea Pedis(athletes foot)
antiviral drugtreats viral infection symptoms Acyclovir
describes the new cancer site Metastasis
tumor in epithelial tissue.tend to metastasize carcinoma
tumor in the bone osteosarcoma
cells of the lymphatic system divide and grow without any order or control.tumors develop in different location Nonhodgkin's Lymphoma
viruse that causes on infection.ex. mono viral infection
infection caused by staphylococcus aureus MRSA
organ effected by viral infectionHep. B and Hep C Liver
type of skin cancer that occurs in the melanocytes melanoma
tumor spreads to other tissues malignant
is not life-threatening and does not spread Benign
form of treatment to stop the new blood supply Antiangiogenesis
acute viral infection with painful skin eruptions that follow the underlying route of an inflammed nerve.inflammation occurs when he dormant chickenpox virus is reactivated later in life. Shingles(Herpes Zoster)
infects wounds and can cause toxic shock syndrome or produces food poisoning Staphlococcus aureus
If the ELISA test are positive. This test confirms the diagnosis. Produces more accurate results Western Blot
autoimmune disorder that affect the nervous system Multiple Sclerosis
autoimmune disorder that affect the digestive system Crohn's Disease
autoimmune disorder that affect the endocrine system Grave's Disease
fever, sore throat and enlarge lymph nodes infectious mononucleosis
transfered from pet to human contact from contaminated feces toxoplasmosis
tumor in the muscle myosarcoma
early stages of breast cancer ha not broken through the wall of milk duct. Ductual Carcinoma in Situ
tumor in connective tissue sarcoma
bacteria that form irregular clusters staphylococci
spiral-shaped bacteria spirochetes
German measles3-day measlesfever and rash rubella
released by the T cells, they signal between the cells of the lymph system.Attrat macrophages to the infected sites, Prepare them to attack invaders Lymphokines
an antigen that is capable of causing an allergic response Allergen
fever and an itchy rashaka: chickenpox Varicella
Presence of Reed-Sternberg cellslarge cancerous lymhpocytes Hodgkin's Lymphoma
immune system is not working correctly Immunodeficiency Disorder
cancer spreads to another site metastasize
small bacterium that lives in lice, fleas, ticks and mites Rickettsia
Bacteria that form a chainStrep throat streptococci
cancer in the Lymhantic System Lymphoma
Protein in the blood when activated they puncture the antigens cell membrane complement
benign tumor formed by an abnormal collection of lymphatic vessels lymphangioma
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