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Urinary System

The urinary system is also known as the genitourinary system
Your kidneys are shaped like this legume. kidney bean
Your kidneys are located in this space. retroperitoneal
Number of kidneys you have. two
Number or ureters you have. two
Number of urethras you have. one
These glands sit on top of your kidneys. adrenal glands
The large, funnel-shaped cavity that narrows to become the ureter is called the renal pelvis
The bladder is located in which body cavity? pelvic
Your bladder is held in place by ligaments
When the bladder is empty, the mucosa collapses into fold other known as rugae
The inside of the bladder is lined with mucosa
The walls of the ureters contract periodically to propel urine into the bladder. This process is known as peristalsis
In the bladder neck is a muscular ring called a sphincter
The tube tha carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body is the urethra
Where the urethra opens to the outside of the body is called the urethral meatus
Males have a spherical gland at the base of the bladder called the prostate
In males, the urethra travels through the length of the penis
The functional or working area of any organ is called the parenchyma
This microscopic structure is the functional unit of the kidney and the site of urine production. nephron
The waste products that are not needed by the body and are excreted in the urine include urea, creatinine and uric acid
Electrolytes are chemical that have a positive or negative electrical charge
Electrolytes include sodium, calcium and potassium
The simple sugar that the body uses for energy is called glucose
These acids are the building blocks of proteins. amino
The word micturition means urination
A common term for passing urine is "passing water" or voiding
If the number of red blood cells decreases, the kidneys secrete this hormone to stimulate the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells erythropoietin
The area at the top of each renal pyramid is called the calix
THe are of tissue beneath th capsule of the kidney is called the cortex
The area of tissue beneath the cortex of the kidney is called the medulla
The network of intertwining capillaries within the glomerular capsule in the nephron is called the glomerulus
The combining forms "urin/o and ur/o" mean urine; urinary system
The combining form "genit/o" means genitalia
The combining form "excret/o" means removing from the body
The prefix that means "behind; backward" is retro-
The combining form the means "removing from the body" is excret/o
The combining forms "ren/o and nephr/o" mean kidney
The combining form "cortic/o" means cortex
The combining form "ureter/o" means ureter
The prefix peri- means around
The suffix that means "process of contraction" is -stalsis
The combining form that means "bladder; fluid-filled sac" is vesic/o
The combining form that means "mucous membrane" is mucos/o
The combining form "urethr/o" means urethra
The combining form "prostat/o" means prostate
The combining form "pen/o" means penis
The combining form "glomerul/o" means glomerulus
The suffix that means "dissolved substance" is -lyte
The combining form "electr/o" means electricity
The combining form that means "filtering;straining" is filtrat/o
The combining form "filtr/o" means filter
The combining form that means "near the center or point of origin" is proxim/o
The combining form "tub/o" means tube
The combining form that means "to absorb; take in" is absorpt/o
The combining form that means "away from the center or point of origin" is dist/o
The combining form that means "making urine" is micturi/o
The suffix that means "a substance that forms" is poietin
The combining form "pyel/o" means renal pelvis
The word for "enlargement of the kidney from urine that is backed up" is hydronephrosis
Kidney stone or calculus formation in the urinary system is called nephrolithisais
THe general word for any disease of the kidney is nephropathy
An abnormally low position of the kidney that sometimes requires surgery is called nephroptosis
A congenital disease characterized by cysts in the kidney is called polycystic kidney disease
Inflammation and infecton of the pelves of the kidney is called pyelonephritis
Infection of the kidneys is called nephritis
A type of cancer of the kidney that occurs in children is called Wilms tumor
Wilms tumor is also known as nephroblastoma
The word that means "present at birth" is congenital
Inflammation or infecton of the bladder is called cystitis
Excessive amounts of urea in the blood because of renal failure is called uremia
Formation of an abnormal passageway connecting the bladder to the vagina is called vesicovaginal fistula
Congenital condition in which the male urethral meatus is in an abnormal location is called epispadias
Inflammation or infection of the urethra is called urethritis
Presence of albumin in the urine is called albuminuria
Absence of urine production is called anuria
Bacteria in the urine is called bacteriuria
Difficult or painful urination is called dysuria
Involuntary release of urine in an otherwise normal person is called enuresis
Urinating abnormally often is called frequency
Glucose in the urine is called glycosuria
Blood in the urine is called hematuria
Inability to initiate a normal stream of urine causing dribbling and decreased urine is called hesitancy
A decrease amount of potassium in the blood is called hypokalemia
Inability to control the urine or feces is called incontinence
Ketone bodies in the urine is called ketonuria
Increased frequency of urination at night is called nocturia
Decrease production of urine due to kidney failure is called oliguria
Excessive productio of urine is called polyuria
Excessive white blood cells (WBSs) in the urine is called pyuria
Strong urge to urinate and a sense of pressure in the bladder is called urgency
General category of infection anywhere in the urinary tract is called a UTI or urinary tract infection
Drinking cranberry juice helps to make the urine more acidic
An instrument used to measure the amount of urine is called a urinometer
The combining form "lith/o" means stone
The combining form that means "water; fluid" is hydr/o
The suffix that means "condition of dilation" is -ectasis
THe suffix that means "prolapse; drooping; falling" is -ptosis
The combining form that means "immature; embryonic" is blast/o
The combining form "chron/o" means time
The combining form "vagin/o" means vagina
The combining form "noct/o" means night
The combining form "kal/i" means potassium
The combining form that means "scanty; few" is olig/o
The combining form "py/o" means pus
The combining form "acid/o" means acid
The combining form "metr/o" means measurement
The suffix that means "process of recording" is -graphy
The suffix that means "process of measuring" is -metry
The combining form "son/o" means sound
The suffix that means "process of using an instrument to examine" is -scopy
The suffix that means "reshaping by surgery" is -plasty
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