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Chapter 8


The ovum is the Female gamete
Pregnancy Ovulation
Area between the uterus and the rectum Cul-de-sac
Part of the vulva Labia majora
Adnexa uteri Ovaries and fallopian tubes
Ovarian sac Corpus luteum
Respiratory disorder in the neonate Hyaline membrane disease
Incision of the perineum Episiotomy
Fingerlike ends of the fallopian tubes are called Fimbriae
The study and treatment of newborsn is called Neonatology
Sac containing the egg is Ovarian follicle
Hormone produced by an endocrine gland located below the brain Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
Premature separation of placenta Abruptio placentae
Endometrial carcinoma may be detected by D&C
Physicians effor to turn a fetus during delivery Cephalic version
Gynecomastia Abnormal development of breast tissue in males
Excessive flow of the blood from the uterus between menstural periods Metrorrhagia
Painful labor and delivery Dystocia (Dys=pain/tocia=birth,labor)
Menarche First menstrual period
Muscular tube leading from the uterus vagina *
Reproductive organs genitalia *
Scrapping of tissue curettage*
Development of female breast in a male gynecomastia*
Act of giving birth parturition*
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