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team 2 socail review

7th grade social

Indians with an organized society in central south America Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs
Indians made up of 5 nations, fought in french and Indian war Iroquois
When countries sent explorers all over the world with a compass and astrolabe Age of Exploration
word done at the time of an event primary source
Christopher Columbus traded cultures and ideas Columbia Exchange
Indian houses based on surroundings longhouse and tepees
religious group left England for religious freedom, laws called mayflower compact Pilgrims
countries settled on different land for religious freedom,wealth, etc. Colonization of North America
a system that held that colonies existed to make the home country wealthy and powerful mercantilism
colonial trade between the colonies, the islands of the Caribbean, and Africa (molasses, rum, and slaves) Triangular trade
made money from fur trapping and trading France in North America
1st form of colonial central government Albany Plan of Union
(1783)Document ended the French and Indian war. France lost loosing north American colonies 1st Treaty of Paris
1783 ended American revolution 2nd treaty of Paris
refusing to buy or use a certain product boycott
series of punishments for the Boston tea party Intolerable acts
patriots wanted own country and political system, fought British American Revolution
1st form of U.S. government, didn't work, little power to the central gov. Articles of Confederation
Showed that the articles of confederation were weak Shay's rebellion
U.S. plan of government, power from the people The Constitution
Prevented 1 branch of government from becoming to powerful Separation of powers & checks and balances
Meeting that created our gov. giving rights to people CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION
fighting tax on whiskey WHISKEY REBELLION
French demanded bribe money XYZ AFFAIR
Decision established judicial gov. review MARBURY VS. MADISON
Helped American industry because ports are blocked BLOCKADE WAR 1812
giving Gov. Jobs to people that helped you get elected SPOILS SYSTEM
Inspirational Texan slogan “REMEMBER THE ALAMO”
When people believed that the United States was destined — by God— to expand west to the Pacific ocean MANIFEST DESTINY
Factories developed, cities grew, machine made goods INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION
Controlled behavior of slaves SLAVE CODES
the moving of natives out of their home/ many died TRAIL OF TEARS
Foreign policy, Europeans stay out of western hemisphere MOROE DOCTRINE
Temporarily stopped slavery MISSOURI COMPROMISE
Differences in different parts of country (north south east west) SECTIONALISM
- law that stated that any runaway slave found in the north had to be returned to its owner, Northerners did not like FUGITIVE SLAVE LAW
deciding if they were free of slave states ISSUE- ADMISSION OF NEW STATES
Southern states during civil war Wanted to keep the way of life CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA
Created by: sk8rgirl71797
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