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cardio/peri vas test

cardiovascular/peripheral vascular test review

narrowing of the caliber of blood vessels vasoconstriction
inner lining of a blood artery tunica intima
outside of the body extracorporeal
increases cardiac muscle tone/ opposes the effect of potassium calcium chloride
neutralized the action of heparin protamine sulfate
given to treat ventricular arrhythmias epinephrine
what size syringe w/what size needle is used to obtain blood from the aorta above the aneurysm 30cc,18 gauge
for a AAA w/graft implantation what areas need to be prepped abdomen,groin and both anterior legs to the knee
for a AAA the incision is made from xiphoid process to symphysis pubes
closure of an abnormal communication between what do not require cardiopulmonary bypass aorta and pulmonary arteries
what does not require cardiopulmonary bypass repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm
which is a cardiovascular scissor potts smith
during vascular surgery the surgeon will need what type of scissor and blade #11 blade and Pottsmith scissor
for a carotid endarterectomy the surgeon makes a vertical incision along where anterior border of the sterncleidomastoid
surgeon flushes the artery by injecting heparinized saline thru what irrigating fogarty catheter
grafts for cardiovascular/perpheral vascular surgery include what type of material telfon/dacron
identifaction tags on implants are removed and the number is recorded where pt operative record
artificial tubes used to divert blood flow from 1 main route to another or around an obstruction Javed shunt
given to treat ventricular arrhythmias; controls PVC, prevents development of ventricular fibrillation lidocaine/xylocaine
thickening/loss of elasticity of the walls of the arteries arteriosclerosis
condition which occurs when a valve loses its ability to close tightly resulting in the blood flow back thru the diseased valve vavular insufficiency
all of the layers of the vessel wall are ruptured and some are merely dilated false aneurysm
rupture of the inner layer has permitted blood to escape between layers of the vessel wall dissecting aneurysm
need alot of these during cardiovascular surgery drape sheets
which instrument set is not used in cardiovascular surgery plastics
which method is used to temporarily divert blood flow cardiopulmonary bypass
not performed thru a medialsternocliedomastaid incision AAA
to place a permanent pacemaker, the surgeon will perform a cutdown to isolate what jugular vein
to faciliate hemodialysis on pt's w/chronic renal failure hemodialysis
what does the surgeon use to view during a implantation of a pacemaker direct fluoroscopic (c-arm)
which is not used as a clamp on the aorta debakey forceps
which wall of an aortic aneurysm is excised anterior w/metz
where is the incision made for a palliative procedure medial side of the knee
what is used to control bleeding during a AAA bulldog clamps
mass of undissolved matter present in or traveling thru a blood vessel/artery embolus
why are moist umbilical tape used in vascular surgery to isolate & control vessels
used following cardiac procedure to drain air, fluid or a combination from the chest underwater chest drainage system
hetrograft,homograft or artificial implants are types of prosthetic heart valves
what is the pathway electrode follows for a pacemaker advances it into the right atrium, thru the triscuspid valve & into the right ventricle
x-ray of organs in motion cinematoradiogram
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