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Lymphatic system ST

ST review for test on lymphatic system

T-cells are produced in the ___ thymus
Lymph nodes produce ___ lymphocytes
In an embryo, the spleen produces only ___ RBC's
the thymus secretes the homone ___ thymosin
movement of lymph is caused by breathing and ___ skeletal muscle contractions
specific lymph nodules located in the small intestine are called ___ Payer's Patch
Lymph nodes act as ___ filters
what drains the largest portion of the body? thoracic duct
___ is inflammation of a lymph node. lymphadenitis
which tonsils are known as adenoids? nasopharangeal tonsils
lymph nodes in the neck that drain the head are ___ cervical lymph nodes
WBC's produced by the lymph nodes, nodules, or spleen are ___ lymphocytes & monocytes
lymph nodes that filter lymph form the legs are the ___ inguinal lymph nodes
the final destination of filtered lymph is the ___ circulatory system
because of the spleen's functions, it can also be considered part of the ___ system circulatory
lymph most closely resembles ___ plasma
the thoracic duct empties into the ___ left subclavian vein
what carries lymph from tissue spaces to larger lymph vessels? lymph capillaries
how many layers do lymph vessels have? three
an inflamation of the lymph vessels is ___ lymphangitis
what do lymph vessels have to prevent the lymph from flowing backwards? one-way valves
In canver treatment, all lymph nodes are removed to prevent ___ metastasis
surgery is performed on the ___ node because of location and infection control mesenteric
the ___ nodes are affected by breast cancer axillary
what organ is located in the ULQ behind the stomach? spleen
a funtion of the spleen is to store ___ blood
which tonsils are removed in a tonsilectomy? paletine
adenoidectomy is the surgical removal of which tonsils? nasopharangeal
the thymus is most active during ___ infancy
if needed, the spleen can be ___ removed
what is the tissue fluid which has entered a lymphatic capillary? cisterna chyli
specialized lymph capillaries in the small intestine that move chyle thru the lymph system to the circulatory system are ___ lacteals
the milky fluid that is composed mainly of fat/lymph from the intestinal lacteals is ___ chyle
the process by which cancer cells are spread throught the body is ___ metastasis
thymic lymphoid cells developed in the thymus that are important to the body's cellular immune response are ___ T-cells
tissue fluid which has entered a lymphatic capillary is called ___ lymph
Created by: bellajerrent429