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Baking II Final

Reviews every key topic covered in Baking II Theory

What are the 12 steps in the baking process? TMFPSRBMPBCS total mise, mixing, fermenting, punch down, scale, round, bench rest, makeup, proof, bake, cool, store
What happens to starches in the baking process? They lose moisture and gelatinize
What happens to protiens in the baking process? They coagulate
Types of laminated doughs? puff pastry, danish, croissant,
The french word detrempe is what? The whole, laminated dough. The entire dough
What does tourage mean? The turns in the dough
3 different methods of puff pastry French, English, Scotch French is four panels of dough folded over the butter in center. English is 6 trifolds, scotch is like pie dough, cut in fat.
what is feuilletage? Thousands of leaves or french for puff pastry
Grist is what? The process of cleaning and preparing flour
What is barm? a form of leavening
What is Meringue? Whipped egg whites
Two typed of Custards? Stirred and baked
What is flour? Freshly ground nut, seed, or grain
Leavening? An increase in volume without an increase in weight
What is treacle? Dark,thick, rich molasses from cane sugar
What is karkara? The arabic word for sugar. Means gravel or small bits of material
What are some examples of custards? stirred- pastry cream baked- creme brulee
What are custards thickened with? starches
Alpha amylase can cause what to happen in custards if not brought to boil? Thin
Functions of eggs moisture, flavor, color, structure, tenderizer, emulsifier
What happens as an egg ages? The white becomes runnier and the air cell gets larger
What temp do eggs coagulate? 138-140
What are the protiens that form gluten? Glutenin and gliadin
Formula for all purpose flour? 60 percent hi gluten, 40 percent cake flour
What is green flour? Freshly milled and unaged
What are the parts of the wheat kerneL? bran endosperm germ
What three things are the basis of good flour? color, compactability, and texture
What are the three major types of leavening? physical, chemical, bacterialogical
What is the type of leavening used when making puff pastry? physical!
What are the functions of fat? shortens gluten strands
How do you prevent bleeding in laminated dough? add flour to the fat
What are some products made from pate choux? molonkoffs, profiterols, eclairs, paris-brest
What is the formula for pate choux? FFEW 2345 Fat Flour Eggs Water, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz
Whst are the methods of bread making? Straight and sponge
What is old dough? Inactive with minimal color, the sugars are depleted
Why do you punch down dough? To equalize the temperature
What is inverted sugar? once crystalized sugar that has been changed back to liquid state
Three types of yeast active dry, instant dry, and fresh compressed
What temp is active dry reconstituted? 105-110
With what do you add instant yeast? dry ingredients
What is the one problem that is common when making artisan bread>? often underbaked
Created by: DeckerH