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egg n breakfast voca

on cooking chp.19

scrambled eggs eggs whisked with seasonings then sauteed stirred nearly constantly during cooking light and fluffy with tender creamy texture
eggs en cocotte eggs cooked in a casserole
pasteurized heating something to a certain temp for a specific period in order to destroy pathogenic bacteria. i.e. whole egg 140deg 3 1/2 min
sunny side up not turned during cooking yolks remain visible
eggs over medium egg partially cooked on one side, flipped then finished. yolk is partially set-cooked slightly longer than over easy
coddled eggs briefly immersing an egg in shell in boiling water (to cook in water just below boiling point) to slightly cook or coddle them
eggs over hard partially cooked on one side flipped and cooked on other side. yolk should be completely cooked
shirred eggs baked eggs-usually prepared in ramekins or baking dishes lined with bread, ham, creamed spinach or artichokes. egg topped with grated cheese fresh herbs or a sauce. egg whites set yolks soft and creamy
omelet needlessly intimidating egg creations that begin as scrambled eggs. usually folded around or filled with a warm savory mixture
eggs over easy yolk remains runny. egg partially cooked on one side then flipped on other side
boiled eggs in shell cooking. soft-soft creamy yolk. hard - hard yolk. should never boil; causes toughness and discoloration
duchesse potatoes a puree of cooked potatoes, butter and egg yolks seasoned with s n p and nutmeg can be eaten as is or used prepare several classic potato dishes
durum wheat a species of very hard wheat with a particular high amount of protein. it is used to make cous cous or milled into semolina which is used for making pasta
risotto a cooking method for grains in which the grains are lightly sauteed in butter then liquid gradually added, mixture is simmered with near constant stirring until still firm grains merge with cooking liquid. northern Italian rice dish prepared this way
starches complex carbs from plants that are edible and either digestible or indigestible (fiber) a rice, grain, pasta or potato accompaniment to a meal.
quiche a savory tart or pie consisting of a custard baked in a pastry shell with a variety of flavorings and garnishes
souffle either a sweet or savory fluffy dish made with a custard base lightened with whipped egg whites and baked; the whipped egg whites cause the dish to puff when baked
coagulation the irreversible transformation of proteins from a liquid or semi liquid state to a drier solid state usually accomplished through application of heat
custard any liquid thickened by the coagulation of egg proteins,; its consistency depends on the ratio of eggs to liquid and type of liquid used. custards can be baked in oven, cooked in a vain marie or on stove top
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