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Potato Grains Pasta

On Cooking Chp. 21

Potato quality and characteristic firm smooth not wrinkly or shriveled. dry skins. shallow eyes. no sprouts, co cracks, dark spots or rotten areas. no green color(poisonous substance called solanine) from being stored in light.
making perfect french fries deep frying starchy potatoes is a two step process. blanch cut potatoes in oil at 250 degrees. finish frying until crisp and brown at 350-375 degrees
5 specialty rices arborio: short grain Italian rice (risotto). Basmati: extra long grain from India with nutty flavor jasmine fragrant long grain. wehani: aromatic rice red in color earthy flavor. glutinous: sweet tasting short grain that is very sticky & chewy when cooked
characteristics of waxy potatoes low starch, high sugar, high moisture, when cooked: firm, moist, hold shape well. application: boil whole, salads, soups, hashed browns
general types of rice milled white rice- all white rice has been milled to remove outer layer or bran: long grain, medium grain, and short grain.
potato dishes made by sauteing, pan frying or deep frying rissole, parisienne, noisette, chateau, hash browns, potato pancakes
specialty grains kasha, amarinth, quinoa, triticale
corn grains polenta, hominy, pozole, grits, blue corn
wheat grains cracked wheat, whole wheat berries, bulgur, farro, spelt, cous cous
Starch converted to _____________ in the ripening process starch
describe the baking process of potatoes use regular shaped starch potato scrub well &pierce w/fork to allow steam to escape whle cookin 4 crisp skins rub lightly with oil for tender skins leaves dry place on a sheet pan bake 400deg for 1hr or til tender hold hot uncovered for no more than an h
explain rice cooking method for pasta drop rice into a lg amount of boiling salted water when tender drain rice in a colander place rice in a hotel pan cover and steam dry in the oven for 5-10min alternatively, steam uncovered in a steamer
explain rice cooking method for pilaf rice is rissoled in a small amount of fat to coat each grain and keep the grains separate liquid is added mixture brought to simmer covered tightly cooked over very low heat til rice has absorbed all cooking liquid
why is rice enriched after being milled milling removes some vitamins and minerals so rice is enriched or given a coating of vitamins and minerals to compensate for the loss
what are 2 basic ingredients in pasta 2 basic ingredients: water, flour or semolina. egg noodles, contain whole eggs or egg yolks for flavor and color
what are characteristics of starchy potatoes high starch, low sugar, low moisture when cooked: light, dry and mealy. does not hold shape. applications: mashed, pureed, french fries.
list grains rice: wild rice & barley wheat products: cracked wheat berries, bulgur, farro, spelt, cous cous. Corn products: polenta, hominy, pozole, grits, blue corn. Specialty grains: kasha, amarinth, quinoa, and tritcale
list 5 cooking techniques for potatoes boiling, simmering, baking, frying, sauteing
list 6 waxy potatoes new potatoes, yellow fin, California whites, yukon gold, fingerling potatoes, maris peer
list 6 starchy potatoes russet, idaho, chef's potato, all purpose, white rose, purple
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