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On Cooking Chp.21


Small immature potatoes (any variety) harvested before starches develop. Not all are red skinned. Waxy with high moisture content and thin delicate skin. New Potato
Ground from hard durum wheat, rich cream color and produces smooth durable dough for pasta. Semolina
Made by removing bran & germ from durum wheat berries Endosperm is steamed pressd in2 tiny pellets&dried Available in varying deg med fine most popular prepared by steaming over water or stockTraditionally served w/N. African stews can be used like rice Cous Cous
Mixed with an electric mixer or whip to make smooth. whipped potatoes
Long grain, aromatic. similar to Basmati. grown in Thailand, and used throughout southeast Asia. Jasmine Rice
finest long grain rice. grows in himalyah foothills and preferred in Indian cuisine. highly aromatic, sweet delicate flavor and creamy yellow color. Basmati Rice
partially cooked in boiling or simmering liquid. similar to blanching but cooking time is longer. typically to remove surface starch. parboiled rice
round, short grain rice used primarily in Italian dishes such as risotto. very sticky, white color, mild flavor. Arborio rice
whole natural grain of rice. only husk has been removed. nutty flavor, chewy texture caused by high-fiber bran. absorbs more water and takes longer to cook than white rice. brown rice
seed size-most versatile and popular. grains remain firm, fluffy and separate when cooked. *can become sticky if overcooked or stirred frequently during cooking. long grain rice
parboiled to remove surface starch. process forces nutrient from bran into endosperm retaining more nutrients than milled white rice but flavor same. neither precooked nor instant cooked. cooks more slowly than milled white rice. converted rice
a cooking method for grains in which the grains are lightly sauteed in hot fat and then a hot liquid is added. mixture is simmered without stirring until liquid is absorbed. pilaf
idaho potatoes: standard baiking potatoes. best for frying. long with rough reddish brown skin and mealy flesh tend to fall apart when boiled. russet potatoes (Burbank)
prepared same as traditional rice. actually seed of unrelated reed like aquatic plant. long slender grains with dark brown to black color, nuttier flavor and chewy. CA, ID, WA served with game, poultry stuffing or as siole. wild rice
given coating of vitamins and minerals to compensate for loss in milling. enriched rice
medium-sized, slightly flattened, oval potato. a white potato. creamy texture and rich, buttery, nutty flavor. suitable for moist cooking methods and will retain their yellow color when baked, boiled or fried. Yukon Gold
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