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During the 17th & 18th century, English colonial system was based on principles of mercantilsm
the concept of the separation of powers refers to the organization of national gov in 3 branches
in early 1900s, female workers outside of the home were young & unmarried
FDR packed the S.court in 1937 to .. make sure New Deal laws would be constitutional
Much federal aid goes to individuals in forms other than welfare payments True
US supported Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 to overthrow Fidel Castro
single women & widows in 1700s had right to own property
what is responsible for repeal of the stamp act in 1766 boycottt of british imports
marbury v. madison was important because it est. the practice of judicial review
Rosie the Riveter was nickname given in 2nd WW to american women who did industrial work in the 1940s
1960s boycott focused on.. plight of migrant farmworkers
introduction of canals, railroads, & new factory tech in the mid-1800s least affected the.. SOUTH
1900s magazines illustrates that trends were reformers of both gov. & society enjoyed widespread support among leading industrialists
What country's ppl declined in migrating to the US from 1921-1929? why? ASIA; new US immigration legislation
1600 Pueblo Indians in southwest adopted christianity because? to add a dimension to their own religious culture. Add Christian God as another deity
Henry Clay's American System included? a protective tariff that would fund internal improvements
What civil rights movement best illustrates the concept o "nonviolent civil disobedience?" the lunch counter sit ins of the early 1960s
1950 books the affluent society & the organization man are significant because they criticized american conformity & the belief that eco growth would solve all problems
most valuable crop at the time of Am. revolution tobacco
war of 1812 resulted in an upsurge of nationalism in US
lincoln's best talent as a political leader? his success in getting his reconstruction policies passed by Congress
ppl who exploit workers, charge high prices, and bribe public officials robber barons
true of false? federal antipoverty programs in the 1960s had little impact on the national distribution of income true
"one who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty" MLK JR
Carson's Silent Spring is a bout protest against overuse of chemical insecticides
a consequence of Pres Lyndon B Johnson's Great Society program an increase in federal spending on social services
Anti-federalists are supporters from rural areas
Missouri Compromise was to maintain balance in the senate
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