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Skeletal System Ch 6

Hard outer shell of the bone Compact bone
knucklelike projection at the end of a bone Condyle
A groove or depression in a bone; a sulcus Fissure
Ribs pair 1 and 12 Floating ribs
Hole in a bone through which blood vessels or nerves pass Foramen
The larger and stronger of the two leg bones Tibia
Kneebone or kneecap Patella
Thigh bone Femur
Wrist bone Carpals
Bones of the upper jaw Maxilary bone
Bones of the lower jaw Mandibular bone
Slender of the two lower leg bones and is lateral to the tibia Fibula
Immovable joints, such as those of the cranium Sutures
First seven pairs of ribs True ribs
An elevated, boad, rounded process of a bone Tuberosity
Large bony process located below the neck of the fumur Trochanter
An opening or hollow space in a bone; cavity within a bone Sinus
Process of removing or digesting old bone tissue Resorption
Metacarp/o Hand bones
olecran/o Elbow
Spongy bone; not as dense as a compact bone Cancellous bone
Projections or outgrowth of bones Bone process
Myel/o Spinal cord or bone marrow
Fx Fracture
What are the abbreviations for Total hip replacement? THR
Consists of aligning the bone fragments through manual manipulation or traction, without making an incision in the skin Closed reduction
Also known as a compound fracture Open fracture
Tars/o Ankle bones
Rach/i Spinal column
Scoli/o Crooked; bent
Metatars/o Foot bones
Gen/o To produce
Mature bone cells Osteocytes
Immture bone cells that actively produce bony tissue Osteoblasts
Outward curvature; humpback or hunchback Kyphosis
Inward curvature; swayback Lordosis
Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine Scoliosis
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