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ST Circulatory Syst.

Study for Circulatory System test; ST

To transport various substances to and from body cells, protect the body against invading microorganisms, and help regulate body temp is a function of ___? Circulatory System
transporting waste products to excretory glands and maintaining ___ are functions of the circulatory system. homeostasis
blood cells and ___ are formed in the red bone marrow. hemoglobin
lymphatic vessels and nodes carry lymph and tissue fluid, help to filter the blood, and manufacture ___ lymphocytes
What part of blood ingests and digests foreign particles in blood, forms antibodies, and releases heparin? White blood cells
what part of blood initiates blood clotting? platelets
what is the liquid part of blood which serves as a means of removing waste from the body cells? plasma
what part of blood transports CO2 and O2? red blood cells
How many RBC's side by side equal 1 inch in length? 3,000
RBC's don't grow after maturity because they have no ___ nucleus
RBC's are concave and ___ in color red
RBC's are very ___ and elastic flexible
Hemoglobin is composed of iron and ___ protein
RBC's are formed in red bone marrow; millions every ___ hour
the life span of RBC's is ___ days 120
RBC's break apart in the capillaries of the ___ and spleen liver
WBC's are ___, ameboid like cells colorless
WBC's include nutrophils, lymphocytes, basophils, eosinophils, and ___ monocytes
the function of WBC's include release of heparin, formation of antibodies, and ___ phagocytosis
neutrophils, eosinophiles, and basophils are formed in the ___ bone marrow red
the life span of WBC's is ___ days 12
___ is the perentage total of RBC's to blood volume. hematocrit
the hematocrit value for ___ is 42-50% men
the hematocrit value for ___ is 40-48% women
where are platelets formed? red bone marrow
What color is unoxygenated blood carried by veins? purple or deep red
what color is oxygenated blood carried by arteries? bright red
blood tastes slightly ___ salty
blood is composed of 45% cells and 55% ___ plasma
blood contains 78% water and 22% ___ solids
the amount of blood in a person varies with ___ weight
blood plasma is 90% ___ water
O2 and CO2 are ___ respiratory gases
hormones and enzymes are ___ regulatory substances
glucose, amino acids, and fats are ___ nutrients
urea, uric acid, creatine, and lactic acid are ___ metabolic wastes
mineral salts are ___ electrolytes
protective substances in blood plasma are ___ antibodies
15% of the population is Rh ___ negative
Type A blood receives from ___ A and O
Type A blood donates to ___ A and AB
Type O blood donates to ___ A, B, AB, and O
Type O receives from ___ O
Type B blood donates to ___ B and AB
Type B blood receives from ___ B and O
Type AB blood donates to ___ AB
Type AB blood receives from ___ A, B, AB, and O
When cells are injured, ___ release thromboplastin as part of the blood clotting mechanism platelets
the liver releases prothrombin and ___ fibrinogen
thrombin plus fibrinogen form ___, a network of fine threads which catch RBC's fibrin
the network becomes a blood clot, called a ___ thrombus
the heart weighs about 250-350 ___ grams
the lower border of the heart lies on the diaphragm and is called the ___ apex
the upper border of the heart lies below the 2nd rib and is called the ___ base
the ___ goes from base to apex to divide the heart into right and left halves septum
the right half of the heart contains ___ blood venous
the halves of the heart are divided into upper and lower by ___, forming the 4 chambers valves
the heart is composed of 3 layers, the epicardium, the myocardium, and the ___ endocardium
the covering of the heart consists of 2 parts and is called the ___ pericardium
the inner serous layer of the covering of the heart is called the ___ visceral pericardium
the outer fibrous layer which forms the loose fitting sac in which the heart lies is the ___ parietal pericardium
an excessive amount of fluid in the pericardial space is called pericardial ___ effusion
the vicseral pericardium, is also the serous membrane adherent to the outside of the heart and called the ___ epicardium
the lower chambers of the heart are the ___ ventricles
the left atrial chamber receives ___ blood oxygenated
the left ___ chamber pumps oxygenated blood to tissue ventricular
the right ___ receives deoxygenated blood atrium
the right ventricle pumps ___ blood to the lungs deoxygenated
the atria are ___ chambers receiving
the ventricles are ___ chambers pumping
the heart valve named for it's 3 flaps or cusps is the ___ valve tricuspid
the heart valve which lies between the left atrium and the left ventricle is the ___ valve is the ___ valve mitral valve
the mitral valve is also called the ___ valve, named for it's 2 flaps or cusps bicuspid
the tricuspid valve lies between the ___ atrium and ventricle right
which has thicker walls, the ventricles or the atria? ventricles
which chamber has the thickest walls? left ventricle
to supply the heart, coronary arteries branch off the ___ aorta
do coronary arteries cross the heart or encirle it? encircle
do coronary arteries lie in the myocardium or in the fatty tissue surrounding the heart? fatty tissue
what exactly do the coronary arteries supply with blood? myocardium
coronary veins return the blood used by the cardial tissue directly to the right ___ atrium
how many sets of motor nerve fibers is the heart supplied with? 2
one set of nerves reach the heart thru the ___ nerve and craniosacral system, and helps to slow/stop the heartbeat vagus
one set of nerves reach the heart thru the spinal cord and ___ system and helps to augment or quicken the heartrate thoracolumbar
both sets of nerves are connected with the cardiac center found in the ___ medulla oblongata
arteries are composed of ___ layers 3
arteries carry oxygenated blood ___ from the heart beginning at the aorta away
arteries break up into ___ and capillaries arterioles
the large trunk artery is the ___ aorta
veins are composed of 3 coats, and are often provided with ___ to prevent backflow valves
small veins are called ___ venules
the 2 large trunk veins are the superior and inferior ___ vena cava
2 sets of veins are found in most body parts; superficial veins close to the skin, and deep veins which usually accompany an ___ artery
___ connect arterioles and venules capillaries
capillaries transport nutrients and waste to and from cells by ___ osmosis
1 square inch of muscle has ___ capillaries 1 1/2 million
the circulation of blood from the right ventricle to the lungs and back to the left atrium is called ___ circulation pulmonary
the circulation of blood from the left venticle to the body and back to the right atrium is ___ circulation systemic
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