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Med Supply Tech S1

VA-Medical Supply Technician Level One Training Section One

Antiseptic opposing sepsis, preventing or arresting the growth of microorganisms
Clinical involving or depending on direct odservation of a living patient
Cross-contamination the transmission of microorganisms from one surface to another
Distribution delivering supplies from a center location to the areas where they will be used
Microorganisms living being too small to see with the naked eye
Non sterile not free from living orgaisms, especially microrganisms
nosocomial hospital-acquired
Universal Precaution/Standards The practie of UPS precuations is to be followed by all healthcare workers whose function could bring them into contact with blood, body fluids, or body substances
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
Sterile free from living organisms, especially microorganisms
Case Cart A moblie unit equipped with supplies and equipment that are specific to a certain surgical procedure
Exchange Cart a mobile supply container that is stocked with a predefined set of supplies, when some have been used the entire cart is removed for restocking and replaced with another fully stocked one
Par level restocking re-ordering and replacement of supplies based on a pre-determined requirement list
primary stock supplies that are kept on hand, at-the-ready,in the SPD are
secondary inventory medical and surgical suppies in the user areas such as operating room, outpatient clinics wards,, nuring home care units, and ICUs
par level restocking re-ordering and replacement of supplies based on a pre-determined requirement list
SPD's Main Purpose or role is: to support medical health care professionals by providing a continuous flow of sterile and non-sterile equipment and supplies to all users.
SPD's misson is to ensure controlled aseptic conditions in the processing, storage, and distribution of medical and surgical supplies, while: maintaining a high degree of sensitivity to cost containment.
SPD is the area where medical / surgical supplies and equipment are: decontamination, preparation, and inventory management and distribution
The three main functional areas of SPD are: Decontamination, Preparation and Distribution and Inventory Management
As an SPD technician, what is your responsibility for patient confidentiality? The disclosure of a patient's medical or personal condition must never be communicated to others who are not directly involved. Regardless of how information was obained, it must kept confidential. Employees should not discuss patient issues.
As an SPD technician, whis your responsibility for cost containment? Cost containment is an issue that concerns all medical supply technician. Wasts can be reduced by the communicaiton with users to set adequate stock levels and eliminate unofficial inventories.
Describle the meaning of the term Work Flow. the order in which medical items are received, processed, and dispensed, moves from dirty to clean.
Describe the meaning of the term People Flow. moves from clean to dirty. It is restricted to prevent the spread of microorganisms commonly found on the human body and clothing.
Descible the meaning of the term Materical Flow. refers to the movement of clean/sterile supplies and reusable and contamminated items. Contaminated items enter the decontamination section in covered containers and are cleaned and disinfectred then move to the preparation area.
Environmental hazard that may be found in SPD. cuts or sticks from needles, falls form wet floors in decontamination area and burns from steam sterilizers in the preparation area
Chemical hazard that may be found in SPD. Cleaners and disinfectants used in the decontamination area. ETO and pressure-sensitive items
Bilogical hazard that may be found in SPD Generall associated with the pickup and decontamination task, biological hazards arrive on equipment and supplies which have been contamination with potentially pathogenic microorganisms.
Mechnanical hazard that may be found in SPD. Usually involves equipment operation. SPD uses large automated pieces of equipment, such as automatic autoclave doors and cart washers.
Physical hazard that may be found in SPD. Result from improper lifting, pulling, pushing, and bending.
What is an MSDS? AMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides informaiton on the physical characteristics and potential health risks of a hazardous material, as well as other information, such aa the chemical name, common or trade name and ingredients.
Treating all contaminated material as if it were infectious is mandated by Universal Precaution/Standards
List regulatory agencies which affect health care facilites. OSHA -Occupational Safety and Health Administration, EPA-Environmental Protection Agency, FDA-Food and Drug Administration, CDC-Centers for Disease Contorl, JCAHO-The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations,NIOSH-National Institute
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
EPA Enviromental Protection Agency
FDA Food and Drug Aministration
CDC Center for Disease COntrol
NIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
JCAHO The Joint Commission on Accreditiation of Healthcare Organizations
List Professional organization that help to build SPD employee's skill and knowledge: American Society for Healthcare Central Personnel, International Association of Hospital Central Service Personnel, Association of Operation Room Nurses, Association of Practitioners of Infection Control
Created by: RUSSELL
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