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Chapter 10

Most modern surgical instruments are made out of... Stainless steel
What finish is nonreflective and virtually eliminates glare? An ebonized (blk chromium) finish
The # 15 blades is frequently loaded onto what handle? #3
Straight Mayo scissors are always used to cut what? suture
An Allis is a what? Ratcheted grasping/holding instruments (clamp)
Hemostats are frequently utilized for what? "Tagging" sutures tagging is performed when a suture strand is not immediately cut.
Anatomy of the instrument tips, jaws, box lock, shank, finger ring, ratchets
Instruments designed for the exposure of the operative site are called what? Retractors
Brain spoons are used for what? For the retraction of brain tissue
Heavey needle holders are used for what? Genitourinary and Gynecological procedures
Yankauer and Poole suction tips are commonly used for what? Aspiration of abdominal fluids
The Rosen suction tip is used in what procedures? Ear
What is a trocar? An instrument with a sharp point and cutting edges that allows for penetration of a body cavity for the drainage of fluid or the intro of an endoscope
What is the instrument cycle? Preoperatively, intraoperatively
Specialty scopes include: Choledochoscope, Angioscope, and Fetoscope
What has to be done when performing a laparoscopic procedure? Carbon dioxide gas must be infused into the abdominal cavity through either a Veress insufflation needle or a Hasson blunt trocar
The machine that infuses the co2 gas into the abdominal cavity is called? Insufflator
What is a tourniquet used for in surgery? used on the extremities to restrict blood flow to the surgical site
Incised Drapes are... made of a thin, clear, plastic material that has an adhesive backing that may be impregnated with an antimicrobial iodine agent.
Aperture drapes are... sm clear plastic drapes with openings that are surrounded by an adhesive backing. Commonl;y used to drap the eyes.
What are Raytec sponges? They are used for procedures requiring smaller incisions. they also can be folded and clamped onto ring forceps to make a sponge stick
What are Neurosurgical sponges referred to as? PATTIES
Tonsil sponges are assembled in how many? 5
What is Nonpermeable? A nonpermeable dressing is a fine mesh gauze that has been impregnated with an emulsion (occlusive)
What is Permeable? A permeable dressing is a nonadherent material used to draw secretions from the wound and allow passage of air and fluid. (nonocclusive)
Montgomery strapes used in situations that may require frequent wound inspections or dressing changes
What purpose does the pressure dressing have? immobilization of an area, support, absorption of excessive drainage, amd the elimination of dead space
What is a minerva jacket? Extends from the head to the hips to immobilize the cervial and upper thoracic vertebrae
Catheters are used to remove what? fluid or other objects, such as thrombi and stones
robinson catheter is... used to provide irrigation fluid within a duct. Its also a nonretaining catheter and can be referred to as the red rubber or straight cath
What is the Pezzer? suprapubic catheter and it is placed into the bladder through a surical opening.
What is a tracheotomy tube? placed directly into the trachea via an incision in the neck.
When using a chest tube where does the collection unit need to be placed? below the level of the thoracic cavity to promote gravity drainage
What are some examples of a passive drain? penrose drain, cigarette drain, t-tube, gastrostomy tube, cystomy tube, nephrostomy tube
Hemovac is... used following orthopedic procedures when a moderate amt of drainage is expected
Syringes are used for what? used to irrigate wounds, aspirate fluids or inject medications. the 10cc syringe is the most commonly used standard syringe
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