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CSA 1-18

head & neck contents by slice

StructureSlice #
corpus callosum 3 only
zygomatic bone 4,5,6
zygoma 7 only
vermis of cerebellum 8 only
temporal LOBE 6,7,8
Genu of corpus callosum 4 only
Splenium of corpus callosum 4,5,6
Putamen 6 only
Globus Pallidus 6 only
choroid plexus (dried up) 6 only
Middle cerebral artery 5,6
Anterior cerebral arteries 6 only
Internal Carotid arteries 7-13
CCA bifurcation into ICA & ECA 14 only
CCA 15-18
epiglottis 14 only
larynx 15-17
oropharynx 10-13
nasopharynx 9 only
basilar artery 8 only
vertebral arteries 9-18
parotid duct(green) 9 only
arbor vitae 9 only
sigmoid sinus 9 only
transverse sinus 9 only
midbrain 7 only
pons 8 only
medulla oblongata 9 only
medulla/cord 10 only
spinal cord 11-18
fourth ventricle 8,9
cerebral aqueduct 7 only
third ventricle 6 only
lateral ventricles (roof) 3 only
lateral ventricles (body) 4 only
lateral ventricles (posterior horns) 5&6
lateral ventricles (floor) 7 only
cerebral peduncles 7 only
occipital LOBE 5-9
parietal LOBE 1-5
frontal LOBE 1-4
frontal BONE 1-4
parietal BONE 1-4
HEAD of the caudate nucleus 5 only
BODY of the caudate nucleus 4 only
nasal bone 4 only
crista galli 4 only
nasal CARTILAGE 6 only
septal cartilage 5 only
ethmoid air cells 5&6
thalamus 5&6
lentiform nucleus (globus pallidus, putamen) 5 only
external capsule 5 only
extreme capsule 5 only
internal capsule 5&6
claustrum 5 only
perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone 5&6
lateral/sylvian fissure 5&6
optic nerve 6 only
insula 6 only
frontal sinus 3&4 only
occipital BONE 11 only
C1 (Atlas) 10&11
odontoid process of C2 10&11
C2 (axis) 12 only
cervical vertebra 13-18
sternocleidomastoid 11-18
1st rib 18 only
cricoid cartilage 17 only
thyroid cartilage 16 only
pharynx 15&16
thyroid GLAND 17&18
esophagus 18 only
tracheal C-ring 18 only
supraspinatus muscle 18 only
clavicle 18 only
levator scapulae 17&18
trapezius 15-18
medial pterygoid muscle 9-12
lateral pterygoid muscle 8&9
internal jugular vein 10-18
external jugular vein 15-18
External Carotid arteries 13 only
tongue 10-13
parotid gland 9-14
Created by: lefut