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All Terms GV

All terms covered in class

one who -er -ist
practitioner -iatrician
one who studies; specialist -logist
pertaining to -ac -al -an -ar -ary -eal -ic -ive -tic -in, -logic -logical
medical profession or treatment -logy
heart cardi/o
to secrete crin/o -crine
skin dermat/o, derm/a, cutane/o
feeling or sensation esthesi/o
stomach gastr/o
intestines enter/o
elderly ger/a ger/o geront/o
female gynec/o
immune immun/o
new ne/o
birth nat/o
nerve neur/o
midwife obster/o
tumor onc/o -oma
eye ophthalm/o
disease path/o -pathy
child ped/o
mind psych/o
radiation radi/o
rheumatism rheumat/o
nose rhin/o
urinary tract ur/o
surgical puncture to aspirate or remove fluid -centesis
excision (surgical removal or cutting out) -ectomy
process of loosening, freeing, or destroying -lysis
surgical fixation -pexy
surgical repair -plasty
suture -rraphy
visual examination with a lighted instrument -scopy
formation of an opening -stomy
an instrument used for cutting -tome
incision -tomy
surgical crushing -tripsy
gland aden/o
vessel angi/o, vas/o vascul/o
appendix append/o, appendic/o
life or living bi/o
eyelid blephar/o
brain cerebr/o, encephal/o
hand chir/o
colon or large intestine col/o
face faci/o
liver hepat/o
breast mamm/o, mast/o
muscle muscul/o, my/o
bone marrow or spinal cord myel/o
bone oste/o
lungs pulm/o, pulmon/o, pneum/o, pneumon/o
tonsil tonsill/o
trachea trache/o
pain -algia, -dynia
hernia -cele
dilation -ectasia, -ectasis
swelling -edema
vomiting -emesis
condition of the blood -emia
condition -ia, -iasis -osis
inflammation -itis
stone or calculus -lith
soft, softening -malacia malac/o
excessive preoccupation -mania
enlargement -megaly
resembling -oid
deficiency -penia
abnormal fear -phobia
prolapse -ptosis
excessive bleeding or hemorrhage -rrhagia
flow or discharge -rrhea
twitching or cramping -spasm
stopping, controlling -stasis
enzyme -ase
membrane -eum -ium
condition or theory -ia -ism
one who suffers -iac
vision -opia
sugar -ose glyc/o
pertaining to or characterized by -ous
state or condition -y
starch amyl/o
blood hemat/o hem/o
milk lact/o
fat lip/o
stone lith/o
small micr/o micro-
mucus muc/o
protein prote/o protein/o
fire pyr/o
one mono- uni-
two bi- di-
three tri-
four quad- quadri- tetra-
one hundred or one-hundredth centi-
one thousand or one-thousandth milli-
double diplo-
half,partly hemi- semi-
excessive, more than normal hyper-
beneath or below normal hypo-
many multi- poly-
none nulli-
all pan-
first primi-
excessive super- ultra-
away from ab-
toward ad-
before in time or place ante- pre- pro-
around circum- peri-
through dia-
out, without, away from ecto- ex- exo- extra-
inside en- end- endo-
above, on epi-
beneath hypo- infra-
under sub-
between inter-
within intra-
middle meso- mid-
near, beside, or abnormal para-
through or by per-
after, behind post-
behind, backward retro-
above, behind super- supra-
joined, together sym- syn-
across trans-
large or great macro- mega- megalo-
no, not, without a- an-
not or inside in-
against anti- conta-
slow brady-
bad, difficult dys-
good, normal eu-
bad mal-
favoring, supporting pro-
fast tachy-
white alb/o albin/o leuk/0
green chlor/o
blue cyan/o
red erythr/o
black melan/o
yellow xanth/o
cell cyt/o -cyte
beginning, origin gen/o
produced by or in -genic
producing or forming -genesis
to record gram/o
a record -gram
instrument for recording -graph
process of recording -graphy
movement kinesi/o
movement or motion -kinesia, -kinesis
seizure leps/o -lepsy
destruction lys/o
that which destroys -lysin
capable of or producing destruction -lytic
large, enlarged megal/o
measure uterine tissue metr/o
instrument used to measure -meter
process of measuring -metry
eat, ingest phag/o
eating, swallowing -phagia -phagic -phagy
speech phas/o -phasia
paralysis pleg/o -plegia
split, cleft schis/o schiz/o schist/o -schisis
hard scler/o
hardening -sclerosis
to examine, to view scop/o
instrument used for viewing -scope
nutrition troph/o -trophic -trophy
air aer/o
embryonic form blast/o
cancer cancer/o carcin/o
head cephal/o
cold cry/o
hidden crypt/o
thirst dips/o
electricity electro/o
fiber fibr/o
tissue hist/o
fungus myc/o
stupor narc/o
dead necr/o
vision optic/o opt/o
drugs, medicine pharmac/o pharmaceut/i
voice phon/o
light phot/o
pus py/o
heat therm/o
position, place top/o
trachea trache/o
sound ech/o
electricity electr/o
emitting or reflecting light fluor/o
radiant energy radi/o
to cut tom/o
excessive ultra-
sensitivity to pain algesi/o
chemical chem/o
repair plast/o
treatment therapeut/o
poison tox/o
treatment -therapy
anterior anter/o
posterior poster/o
ventral ventr/o
dorsal dors/o
medial, median medi/o
lateral later/o
uppermost or above super/o
lowermost or below infer/o
nearer the origin or point of attachment proxim/o
far or distant from the origin or point of attachment dist/o
toward the head cephal/o
toward the tail or in an inferior direction in human beings caud/o
abdomen abdomin/o
extremities acr/o
cyst, bladder, or sac cyst/o
digits dactyl/o
abdominal wall lapar/o
umbilicus omphal/o
nail onych/o
pelvis pelv/i
peritoneum periton/o
body som/a somat/o
chest thorac/o
tear, tearing, crying dacryl/o lacrim/o
sweat or perspiration hidr/o
water hydr/o
lymph lymph/o
production -poiesis
substance that causes production -poietin
pus py/o
saliva sial/o
urine ur/o
clavicle clavicul/o
cranium crani/o
costa cost/o
scapula scapul/o
sternum stern/o
spine rachi/o spin/o
vertebrae spondyl/o vertebr/o
cervical cervic/o
thoracic thorac/o
lumbar lumb/o
sacrum sacr/o
coccyx coccyg/o
humerus humer/o
radius radi/o
ulna uln/o
carpals carp/o
metacarpals metacarp/o
phalanges phalang/o
pelvis pelv/i
ilium ili/o
ischium ischi/o
pubis pub/o
femur femor/o
patella patell/o
fibula fibul/o
tibia tibi/o
tarsals tars/o
calcaneus calcane/o
metatarsals metatars/o
phalanges phalang/o
stiff ankyl/o
articulation, joint arthr/o
weakness -asthenia
bursa burs/o
calcium calc/i
cartilage chondr/o
down, from, or reversing de-
change or next in a series meta-
tendon ten/o tend/o tendin/o
aorta aort/o
artery arter/o arteri/o
arteriole arteriol/o
yellow fatty plaque ather/o
vein phleb/o ven/o
venule venul/o
adenoids adenoid/o
neck cervic/o
sameness home/o
lymphatics lymphat/o
spleen splen/o
thrombus, blood clot thromb/o
alveolus alveol/o
bronchus bronch/o bronchi/o
bronchiole bronchiol/o
epiglottis epiglott/o
larynx laryng/o
lobe lob/o
nose nas/o rhin/o
diaphragm phren/o
pleura pleur/o
pharynx pharyng/o
imperfect atel/o
dust coni/o
embolus embol/o
oxygen ox/o
breathing -pnea
silica silic/o
to breathe spir/o
action or process -ation
bile bil/i chol/e
orange-yellow cirrh/o
down, from, reversing, or removing de-
sugar glycos/o
appetite -orexia
digestion -pepsia
vagus nerve vag/o
viscera vescer/o
lips cheil/o
teeth dent/i dent/o odont/o
gums gingiv/o
tongue gloss/o lingu/o
mouth or/o stomat/o
esophagus esophag/o
stomach gastr/o
intestines intestin/o enter/o
duodenum duoden/o
jejunum jejun/o
ileum ile/o
colon or large intestine col/o colon/o
appendix appendic/o append/o
cecum cec/o
sogmoid colon sigmoid/o
anus or rectum proct/o
rectum rect/o
anus an/o
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