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Eponym Signs

Battle skull fracture near ear
Babinski abnormal plantar reflex
Brudzinski meningitis
Fabere hip and sacroiliac joint
Patrick hip and sacroiliac joint
Homans DVT
Kernig meningitis
Murphy gallbladder
Ortolani infant hip stability
Pfalen carpal tunnel
Tinel carpal tunnel
Trendelenburg valve incompetence
McBurney appendicitis
Nikolsky skin condition in which the top layers of the skin slip away from the lower layers when slightly rubbed.
Musset condition that results in a rhythmic nodding or bobbing of the head in synchrony with the beating of the heart, in general as a result of aortic insufficiency caused by aortic regurgitation due to aortic valve deficiency
Ewart pericardial effusion
Hamman a crunching, rasping sound, synchronous with the heartbeat, heard over the precordium in spontaneous mediastinal emphysema produced by the heart beating against air-filled tissues
D'Espine pulmonary tuberculosis
Sister Joseph palpable lymph node on navel
Cullen intra-abdominal hemorrhage
Grey Turner retroperitoneal hemorrhage
Rovsing appendicitis
Ballance abdominal or splenic trauma
Chadwick pregnancy
Jacquemeier pregnancy
Hegar pregnancy
Romberg equilibrium
Broadbent adhesive pericarditis
Abadie insensibility to pressure over the tendo achillis
Beevor spinal cord injury
Stellwag Graves disease
Allen arterial supply of the hand
Adson thoracic outlet syndrome
Brodie varicose veins
Cozen tennis elbow
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